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EZ Mil is a young up-and-coming rapper based from northern Luzon, not specified from where he is exactly at this moment, and by way of Las Vegas, Nevada. He’s earned enough attention for his showstopping #24BarsChallenge which gained him a lot of fans after. Following the challenge, he’s released his debut mixtape titled “ACT 1”, an intimidating title for a newcomer, this automatically feels like a statement rather than an introduction to his craft. But as they say, don’t judge a book by its cover; EZ talks about how he was alienated in the US, his time becoming a trainee in the Air Force, and his estranged relationship with his father.

The 16-track album is a smorgasbord of different palettes and pegs. The first half was brimming with EZ’s decent singing and style clashing. The second half being an aggressive takedown in horrorcore and Eminem-type call-outs and hostility. “Panalo (Trap Cariñosa)” is easily the most digestible track in the album for its in-your-face patriotism and the sample flip in the production feels already Filipino enough. It’s a tad bit excessive and the lyrics reflected upon his colonized upbringing. It tries hard on being self-reflective but it ends up being too self-indulgent. “Laboy” a dub-inspired rap-rock single has an impressive composition sonically. EZ then carries the track with his high notes. “Avyreeal Womack-O’neil” tells about his relationship with his father. This already becomes emotionally crushing and hard-hitting for the listener and it is effective because of EZ’s hatred towards his father.

It’s undeniable to acknowledge EZ Mil’s comfortability in staccato rap flows and commanding delivery. Unfortunately, the main cause of the detriment of his debut album “ACT 1” was not his adaptation to western styles of rhyme schemes and flow wizardry, but the constant genre not giving any of his free-flowing themes justice. “1 and Only” featuring his younger sister Raining Sorrow, feels a bit long-winded and unneeded in the context of the album. “Lonely Days” feels disjointed from the rest and acts as a filler track. “The Slashy Show” is an homage to Slim Shady but most of the bars being spit share the similarities of Slim Shady’s bars: it’s all around problematic and it definitely aged like milk. “All Hallow’s Eve” is a cheeseball horrorcore knockoff track with an abrupt ending.

“ACT 1” is a prologue rather than a statement. An announcement of arrival in the game. A role call. A trial and error. A cooldown from his foreign side to his local side. With all that being packed up in one go, it’s safe to say EZ does it in his first stumble. Let’s see where he goes in the future.

Track List

1. Easy-Going Millions 2. Superly Real 3. Come Through (feat. Trilogy FPE)Trilogy FPE 4. 1 & Only (feat. Raining Sorrow)Raining Sorrow 5. Panalo (Trap Cariñosa) 6. Far Away from Home 7. Lonely Days 8. Laboy 9. The Slashy Show 10. Idk 11. King I Be 12. Waste My Time 13. Omoshiroi! (feat. Anji)Anji 14. Fraud 15. Avreeayl Womack-O'neil 16. All Hallow's Eve (feat. Di$mal)Di$mal


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