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J. Brothers - Greatest Hits Collection

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Moreberto Parangue
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In 2001, Philippine record label Columbia/Sony Music Entertainment Philippines released J Brothers' Greatest Hits, a collection of songs taken from two albums recorded by Philippine easy listening group J. Brothers in the mid-'90s for the label. The group has since moved to BMG Records Philippines. J Brothers, who play their own instruments, contain five members, three of whom are brothers. The music of J Brothers is smooth and mellow and can be considered easy listening and middle of the road. Although the group's mellow nature doesn't push boundaries, there is an appealing quality to their sound. J Brothers' singing is tight and mellifluous throughout the album. The album starts on the tender "Sana'y Bigyan Mo Ng Pansin" (I Hope You Give Me Attention), which contains a nice, pleasant melody sung with passion. The song also has a searing rock-styled electric guitar solo, which gives an edge to the song. One of the best numbers is the spirited "Di Mo Pansin" (You Don't Pay Attention), which contains a svelte, vibrant chorus sung with enthusiasm by J Brothers. The song is a remake of a tune originally written by Hispanic composers and uses new lyrics written in Tagalog, the Philippines' national language. Both Sony Music albums were produced by the much-respected Nonoy Tan, who also composed six of the album's 16 songs, including the fine "Tampuhan Blues" (Petty Quarrel Blues), which features a catchy, pretty melody sung with much tenderness. J. Brothers' Greatest Hits has more substance than most easy listening albums and provides a number of enjoyable moments.

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1.Sana'y Bigyan Mo Ng Pansin 2.Wait For Me 3.Labanan Natin Ang Tukso 4.Baby, I Love You 5.Promise Me 6.Sorry, Mahal 7.Miss Kita 8.Pag-Ibig Na Kaya 9.Dear Ana 10.Kung Sakaling Ika'y Lalayo 11.Miss Mo Rin Ba Ako 12.Tunay Na Nagmamahal 13.DiNa Ibig Pa 14.Sana'Y Pag-Ibig Mo'Y Tunay Na 15.Sa'yo Lamang 16.Sana


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