Flowers - The Watercolor Art Pad

Flowers - The Watercolor Art Pad

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Rossana Roses
Flowers - The Watercolor Art Pad

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Rachel Pedder-Smith
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125014647X (ISBN13: 9781250146472)

With its simple instructions and stunning inspirational illustrations, Flowers: The Watercolor Artpad is the perfect introduction to the timeless art of painting flowers in watercolors.

Inside the book are 15 pages of simple line drawings of flowers—from wild poppies to sculpted calla lilies—printed on high-quality watercolor paper for you to remove and paint. The outlines allow you to skip the sketching and simply begin painting. Each sketch is accompanied by a color guide and a completed version of the same flower to serve as a model and inspiration as you paint your own.

Using simple terms and step-by-step illustrations, the author explains the basic tenants of botanical watercolor showing you how to layer delicate washes of color and subtle shading so you can easily master the art of creating beautiful, life-like flowers. All you need is this book and some paint to get started today!


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