Blogging for Dummies

Blogging for Dummies

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Blogging for Dummies
Blogging for Dummies - by Brad Hill

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Brad Hill
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1st Edition
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ISBN-13: 978-0-471-77084-8 / ISBN-10: 0-471-77084-1

If you want to give yourself a Web presence without spending a lot of time or money, a blog is your answer and this is your guide. Blogs (Web logs) are short, diary-like entries on a Web site that has a chronological, journal format. Fun or informative, but not formal, blogs are easy to set up, maintain, and update. You can share your personal, stream-of-consciousness musings or your expertise on any subject ranging from your family vacation to world peace. This guide helps beginners (even technophobes) get started fast, with the essential info on: The elements of blogs, such as entries, sidebars, categories, comments, and index pages The different types of hosting services, from free to fee and from “turn key” services that are easy-to-use to DIY programs Details on two popular, free “social community” hosted Web services that are ideal for casual bloggers—MSN Spaces and Yahoo! 360 The scoop on Blogger, a popular free hosted service that has some community tools like the social networks, but is basically blog-intensive DIY blogging, covering three of the most powerful and flexible blog programs—Movable Type, WordPress, and Radio Userland Hooking into RSS feeds to distribute your blog entries beyond your site Choosing a newsreader Ways to raise the visibility of your blog and make money from blogging Complete with step-by-step instructions and lots of screen shots, this guide walks you through everything from setting up your blog and posting your first entry to adding photos, audio, and more. It includes the URLs of lots of sample sites to see to give you an idea of blog possibilities. In addition to the essential how-to, it fills you in on:

The blogosphere, blog culture and etiquette, snarks, macrologues, and more Moblogs that let you post entries remotely using your portable computer, PDA, or cell phone Buying a domain through a registrar such as Network Solutions,, or Go Daddy MP3 blogs, vlogs (videoblogs), photoblogging, audioblogging, podcasting, and more You know you have something to say, whether it’s heavy stuff or just your thought for the day. Make your opinions known. Get your photos shown. With Blogging For Dummies, you’ll soon be blogging with the best of ‘em.

From the Back Cover Compare blog services, find out about feeds, and blog safely So you're really curious about this whole phenomenon called blogging? Wondering if you should jump on board? Here's your ticket! Find out what makes a blog a blog, how to start one and choose a host, and how to keep your blog updated. Explore styles and content sources — you may even be able to make your blog make money!

Discover how to

Compare options for hosting your blog Follow blogging etiquette Work with Blogger, WordPress, and TypePad Set up RSS feeds Explore sponsored blogs Check into podcasting, moblogging, and photoblogging

About the Author Brad Hill has worked in the online field since 1992 and has written 20 books. As a best-selling author, columnist, and blogger, Brad reaches a global audience of consumers who rely on his writings to help determine their online service choices. Brad's books include a Publishers Weekly bestseller and a Book-of-the-Month catalog selection. Brad’s titles in the For Dummies series include Google For Dummies and Building Your Business with Google For Dummies. Brad is often consulted in the media’s coverage of the Internet. He appears frequently on television, radio, Webcasts, and has been quoted in Business Week, The New York Times, and innumerable other publications. Brad is Associate Editor of Weblogs, Inc., the world's largest blog network, where he helps to manage about 100 blogs written by nearly 200 bloggers. As a staff blogger at Weblogs, Inc., for two years, he posted well over 3,000 entries in blogs about digital music, Google, Yahoo!, search engine marketing, and others. As a hobby, Brad operates independent blogs about dogs, classical music (, and his own bad self ( He and his wife maintain a photo blog about their adventures at home and on vacations, read mostly by friends and family. Brad has not won the Nobel Prize, and the prospect seems doubtful. He remains cheerful.


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