Highland Light

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Cherime MacFarlane
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No. 2 Listopia's Scotland the Brave and then some. Reviews from previous publication: 5.0 out of 5 stars "Fall in love with Templar knight and a strong highland lass!"

4 out of 5 stars "This the first book by Cherime MacFarlane that I've read. Without giving spoilers, I enjoyed the twist in the beginning as well as Gideon's inexperience-that's something not often seen in a romance." 5 out of 5 stars I was drawn in by the opening line, "She was not pretty." In just about everything I read, everyone is so damn pretty it seems as if all characters in books are clones. Finally something else!

HIGHLAND LIGHT is a historical romance set in 1308 during the Scottish war for independence.

A young Scots girl cannot find a man who appreciates a headstrong plain woman. A small group of Knights Templar escape to Scotland to hide and start new lives. Among them is a young man, a ward of the Master of the Temple. The men have brought a treasure to Scotland. In exchange for a large share of the treasure, the knights may marry and be adopted into certain clans. No one must know of the agreement. Each man has a duty to the clan they are adopted into, and a duty owed to Robert The Bruce.

One young man has been with the Templars since the age of ten. He knows nothing of relationships or women. Their wedding is a business arrangement. Having no experience of sex or marriage, the young couple make a game of loving and learn of life together.

Let the games begin.


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