Watercolor A to Z

Watercolor A to Z

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Watercolor A to Z

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Grant Fuller
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Watercolor—easy as A, B, C.

This comprehensive, hands-on watercolor workshop features 26 core lessons, from "A" (animals) to "Z" (zeroing in on your artistic style). In between you'll find expert advice on painting an exciting range of popular subjects, including:

• barns and buildings • clouds • eagles and other birds • flowers • glass • hills and valleys • ice and snow • landscapes • seascapes • boats • people and portraits • still lifes • trees • cityscapes • and more!

Each chapter consists of a series of step-by-step demonstrations, with special focus on key concepts (such as working from reference photos, masking, and using color and contrast) that will help you expand your watercolor repertoire.

Individually, each lesson offers a stand-alone, "bite size" art session whenever you have an hour or two to devote to your painting. Together, they present a diverse "sampling" of subjects, ideas and techniques. Perfect for beginning artists just starting to explore as well as experienced artists looking to try something different, Watercolor A-Z is an engaging reference for achieving pleasing effects in watercolor, while keeping things fresh and fun.


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