CCNA For Dummies

CCNA For Dummies

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CCNA For Dummies
CCNA For Dummies - Ron Gilster

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Ron Gilster, Jeff Bienvenu , Kevin Ulstad
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ISBN: 0−7645−0690−0

What was that whizzing sound? It was you, passing the CCNA certification exam. After you've covered all of Cisco Systems' exam objectives in CCNA For Dummies, such tasks as following network protocols, routing, and maintaining network security will be new tools to add to your skill set.

First, expect to become familiar with the language of the exam with the expert guidance of your certified authors. Then, find your way around the workings of the OSI model and its layers: the data link, network, transport, and upper layers. Routers become manageable as you practice commands and algorithms. And when you're comfortable with network protocols, you'll move on to LAN and WAN switching.

The book's CD-ROM helps you assess your weak spots through a test engine and a variety of exam scenarios, and ten sites to boost your studying are also included. Remember: It's just a test, and at this point, it's open book!

Covers: Exam 640-507

From the Back Cover Pass exam 640-507 and become a Cisco Certified Network Associate!

CD-ROM includes hundreds of practice questions

The fun and easy way to study for the exam -- all the rewards in half the time! Here's the CCNA test-prep guide you've been waiting for -- a For Dummies book-and-software package that actually makes studying fun. Prepared by Cisco-certified experts and packed with proven tips and practice exams, it's all you need to get up to speed on routing and switching technology -- and pass the test!

Discover how to: * Review the material, objective by objective * Use Cisco software tools * Access what you know -- and don't * Spot and avoid test traps * Answer questions quickly * Hone your skills on top test-prep software all this on the bonus CD-ROM * Dummies Test Engine, our exclusive, fully customizable test-prep software featuring hundreds of sample questions * Demo versions of EtherPeek, TokenPeek, and AGNetTools for Windows from AG Group, Inc. Get Smart! * Register to win cool prizes * Browse exclusive articles and excerpts * Get a free Dummies Daily e-mail newsletter * Chat with authors and preview other books * Talk to us, ask questions, get answers

About the Authors Ron Gilster (i−Net+, Network+, A+, CCSE, MBA, and AAGG) has been involved with networking and internetworking since 1993 as a trainer, teacher, developer, merchant, and end user. He has more than 33 years of total computing experience, including more than 13 years involved with the networking of computers. Ron is employed by HighSpeed.Com, a leading LMDS, DSL, and broadband communications company and ISP, where he is responsible for the internal and external networking infrastructure of the corporation, including VPN, telephony, intranet, extranet, and Internet operations. He is the author of A+ Certification For Dummies, Network+ Certification For Dummies, and i−Net+ Certification For Dummies, plus several books on networking, the Internet, computer and information literacy, and programming. Jeff Bienvenu (CCNA, Network+) has worked with Cisco networking hardware for more than three years, with experience managing the networks for a Cisco Regional Networking Academy and now as the Information Technology Administrator at HighSpeed.Coms corporate offices. Kevin Ulstad (CCNA, Network+, A+) is currently a regional account executive for HighSpeed.Com. His recent experience includes stints as the LAN administrator for that companys local area networks.


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