Creating Web Pages 8th Ed For Dummies

Creating Web Pages 8th Ed For Dummies

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Creating Web Pages 8th Ed For Dummies
Creating Web Pages 8th Ed For Dummies - by Bud E. Smith and Arthur Bebak

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Book Author
Bud E. Smith and Arthur Bebak
Book Publish Date (Year)
Book Edition
8th Edition
ISBN Number
ISBN-13: 978-0-470-08030-6 / ISBN-10: 0-470-08030-2

Chances are, you’re already a Web user and use the Internet on a regular basis. You’ve probably seen a few impressive Web sites and now you’re inspired to create a Web page of your own, but you’re not sure where to start. The answer is: right here! Creating Web Pages For Dummies guides you through the process of making your own Web pages without hassle or confusion. This straightforward book shows you just how easy it is to launch a site, specialize a page, making your site interactive, and much more! In no time you will become a pro in:

Web publishing basics Geocities, Google page creator, and AOL Web publishing Using Flickr, creating blogs, and selling products on eBay HTML and other handy tools to “beef up” your site Writing and formatting Web text Creating and adding graphics for your site Adding links, animation, and multimedia Designing a great-looking, complete Web site Besides getting to know the ins and outs of building a Web page, this guide offers suggestions on Web publishing, ranging from testing out your Web site and advertising your site to legal permission and displaying borrowed content. This resourceful guide also includes Web lingo worth knowing and a quick guide to HTML tags, which points out some lesser known but nevertheless useful tags. Now in its 8th edition, Creating Web Pages For Dummies will help make your Web page stand out in the crowd!

About the Authors Bud Smith is a computer book author with more than 12 years of publishing experience. Creating Web Pages For Dummies, 8th Edition, is one of over a dozen books Bud has written; his Wiley Publishing, Inc. titles include Internet Marketing For Dummies and Web Usability For Dummies. In addition to writing books, Bud has been a computer magazine editor and product marketing manager. Bud got his start with computers in 1983, when he left a promising career as a welder for a stint as a data-entry clerk. Bud then moved to the Silicon Valley to join a startup company, followed by work for Intel, IBM, Apple, and AOL. His work and interests led him to acquire a degree in Information Systems Management from the University of San Francisco.

Arthur Bebak received a degree in Computer Engineering at the University of Illinois, which he attended on a fencing scholarship. He has designed mainframes, managed large engineering projects, and studied business administration. Arthur is founder of Netsurfer Communications, Inc., a highly successful electronic publishing company, and is an accomplished author. At Netsurfer, Arthur oversees a large staff of people who create Web sites for numerous clients. They also write, edit, and publish several Web-based e-zines.


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