Matira Matibay 1994 - 2007

Parokya Ni Edgar - Matira Matibay PG-13 Singles 1994-2007

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Kent Brian
Matira Matibay 1994 - 2007


1 Buloy 2 Maniwala Ka Sana 3 Silvertoes 4 Harana 5 Picha Pie 6 Halaga 7 Inuman Na 8 Swimming Beach 9 Sorry Na 10 Mr. Suave 11 Yes Yes Show 12 Chikinini 13 First Day Funk 14 Mang Jose 15 Para Sayo 16 Papa Cologne 17 Ordertaker 18 Gitara 19 Bagsakan

10 years professionally, 13 years or more together... its hard to imagine a band coming this far, this long considering the six member of PAROKYA NI EDGAR started in the music industry with hardly any musical aspirations, let alone life-path ambitions. Yet, with eight albums in, all paltinum and multiplatinum-selling, and a following that probably includes each and every young-at-heart, fun-loving Filipino in the world, no other Philippine band in the past decade is, unarguably, as well-loved as PAROKYA NI EDGAR. The videos you love presented here are some of the biggest singles on PNE's catalogue: from the beta-camish amateur feel of Buloy, Maniwala Ka Sana and Silvertoes; to the slick, bonhommie touches in Harana, Inuman Na, Picha Pie and Halaga; the laidback, languid Swimming Beach, the iconic Mr. Suave and Yes Yes Show and the must-own Ordertaker, Mang Jose, Para Sa'yo nd Bagsakan, plus first ime on DVD, Inuman Sessions Vol. 1. They were never so cool to be uncool Outside the periphery/ radar.


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