Writing Up Your Family History - A Do-It-Yourself Guide

Writing Up Your Family History - A Do-It-Yourself Guide

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Writing Up Your Family History - A Do-It-Yourself Guide

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John Titford
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If you have picked up this book you may well already be collecting information about your family and its history. You have names, dates, places, and often more detailed information concerning the lives of many departed relatives - possibly going back centuries. So have you ever considered writing it up and leaving your archive for present family members and future generations to enjoy? Perhaps you have been put off by a lack of time, or the fear of criticism when others begin reading your work? Your worries are unfounded, says John Titford. Writing up your family's history and preparing it for publication, can be one of the most rewarding things you ever do. In this book he explains how straightforward the whole process can be, from getting started and assembling the material you have, to actually writing and then producing it yourself in a printed form, simply and inexpensively. There is carefully presented advice on all aspects of the process including editing, laying it out, printing, and the costs that may be involved. The result of all your labours need not be costly, and will almost certainly bring immense satisfaction to you and your family. Titford's book offers a stimulus of practical encouragement to all those involved with tracing their ancestors.


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