Digital Video 3rd Ed For Dummies

Digital Video 3rd Edition For Dummies

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Digital Video 3rd Ed For Dummies
Digital Video 3rd Ed For Dummies - by Keith Underdahl

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Book Author
Keith Underdahl
Book Publish Date (Year)
Book Edition
3rd Edition
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ISBN: 0-7645-4114-5

Digital media sales represent a growing market in consumer technology; in previous editions, this book has been the top-selling reference for digital video beginners * Fully revised and completely focused on consumer digital video users and editors who have little to no experience with the equipment * Walks readers through the basics of selecting equipment, installing software and hardware, shooting good video, getting files into a PC, editing, and outputting to the Internet, videotape, or a DVD * CD-ROM includes trial versions of the editing software covered in the book as well as other digital video tools and sample files

About the Author Keith Underdahl lives in Albany, Oregon. Professionally, Keith is an electronicpublishing specialist for Ages Software, where he serves as program manager, interface designer, video-media producer, multimedia specialist, graphic artist, and when the day is over, he even sweeps out the place. Mr. Underdahl has written numerous books, including Teach Yourself Microsoft Word 2000, Microsoft Windows Movie Maker For Dummies, Macworld Final Cut Pro 2 Bible (co-author), and Adobe Premiere For Dummies.


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