DJing for Dummies Jan 2007

DJing for Dummies

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DJing for Dummies Jan 2007
DJing for Dummies Jan 2007 - by John Steventon

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John Steventon
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ISBN-13: 978-0-470-03275-6 / ISBN-10: 0-470-03275-8

From novice to nightclub -- without the nightmares. Whether you're a bedroom DJ looking to improve, or an accomplished amateur making the transition to playing live, DJing For Dummies has the accessible information you need. From what to buy (and what not to buy), mastering the beat, and reading a crowd, to all the tricks, techniques, and flourishes of a pro DJ, you'll be turning noise into notoriety in no time.

Discover how to: * Buy the essential equipment * Set up your kit * beatmatch seamlessly * scratch with vinyl and CD * make a great demo * Market yourself as a DJ * Explanations in plain English ' * Get in get out' information * Icons and other navigational aids * Tear-out cheat sheet * Top ten lists * A dash of humour and fun

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About the Author John Steventon, also known as Recess, was transformed from clubber to wannabe DJ by BBC Radio 1’s 1996 ‘Ibiza Essential Mix’. Fascinated by what he heard, he bought a second-hand pair of turntables, his best friend’s record collection, and started to follow the dream of becoming his newest hero, Sasha. With no other resource available when he first started DJing, John would take notes, writing articles to refer to if ever he felt like he needed help. Joining the Internet revolution meant 15 megabytes of free Web space, and as he’d already written these notes about learning how to DJ, John thought it would be good to share that information with the rest of the world wide web. He created the ‘Recess’ persona, and expanded the site as his knowledge grew. Originally a small, basic Web site, has grown over the years both in size and reputation to become one of the foremost online resources for learning how to DJ – the place where newbie DJs turn to. Having developed a career as a TV editor at the same time, now heading up post-production at a TV production company, he has scaled down the time spent DJing in clubs, but Recess is always online to help the new DJ overcome those first few hurdles, and offer advice to those who need that extra bit of reassurance. John is 31, plays way too much squash and poker, is married to Julie, and they both live together with three cats and a smile on the outskirts of Glasgow, Scotland. TEAM


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