Dungeons & Dragons For Dummies

Dungeons & Dragons For Dummies

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Dungeons & Dragons For Dummies
Dungeons & Dragons For Dummies - by Bill Slavicsek and Richard Baker
Dungeons & Dragons For Dummies - Bill Slavicsek

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Bill Slavicsek and Richard Baker
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IS B N -1 3 : 9 7 8 -0 -7 6 4 5 -8 4 5 9 -6 / IS B N -1 0 : 0 -7 6 4 5 -8 4 5 9 -6

Caught in traffic. Trapped in a cubicle. Stuck in a rut. Tangled up in red tape. In the real world, sometimes you feel powerless--but not in Dungeons & Dragons (D & D). In this fantasy-adventure, you have all kinds of special powers. You can slay the evil dragon, overcome the orc or the ogre, haunt the werewolf, and triumph over sinister trolls. You venture into strange realms, encounter strange creatures, and use magical powers. Your character grows and develops with every adventure.

With this guide, you can learn the ins and outs of D & D and start playing right away. Dungeons & Dragons For Dummies gives beginners the basics of the complex game and helps experienced players fine-tune their roleplaying. It guides you through:

Creating your character (a powerful fighter, a sneaky rogue, a crafty sorcerer, or a charismatic cleric), and character advancement The races: humans, dwarves, elves, and halflings The types of character actions: attack rolls, skill check, and ability checks The 6 abilities: strength, dexterity, constitution, intelligence, wisdom, charisma Feat requirements and types Playing the game, including moving in combat, attacking with a weapon (melee attacks or ranged attacks), and damage and dying Picking skills, armor, weapons, and gear Choosing spells if your character is a sorcerer or domains for a cleric Building encounter or combat strategies and using advanced tactics Maximizing your character's power with the acquisition of the right magic items: armor, weapons, potion, scroll, ring, wand, staff, rod, plus wondrous items D & D game etiquette Becoming a Dungeon Master There's even a sample play session that walks you through typical play, gets you comfortable using the battle grid and character markers, lets you test player characters against each other and against monsters, and shows you how to add story elements to create an adventure. Produced in partnership with Wizards of the Coast, written by D & D game designers, and complete with a battle grid, a sample dungeon map, and a glossary, this guide arms you with the knowledge to create and equip a character and empowers you to enter the captivating, fascinating world of D & D.

About the Authors Bill Slavicsek: Bill Slavicsek began playing the DUNG EONS & DRAG ONS roleplaying game with his friends during his formative teenage years in New Y ork City. This was in 1977, the same year that Star Wars and Terry Brooks's T h e Sword of Shannara debuted. This trilogy of epic fantasy combined with comic books and horror novels to forever influence Bill's outlook on life and entertainment. In 1986, Bill's hobby became his career when he joined the staff of West End Games. There, as an editor and game designer, Bill worked on a number of board games and roleplaying games, including Ghostbusters, Paranoia, Star Wars: T h e R o le p lay in g G am e , and Torg: Roleplaying the Possibility Wars. Later, Bill went on to use his vast knowledge of the Star Wars films and associated extensions to write two editions of A Guide to the Star Wars Universe for Lucasfilm, Ltd. (published by Del Rey Books). 1n 1993, Bill joined the staff of TSR, Inc., then publishers of the DUNG EONS & DRAG ONS game lines, as a game designer and editor. His design credits for the company include the Alternity Science Fiction G am e (which he co-designed with Richard Baker), the d 2 0 M o d e rn R o le p lay in g G am e , the d 2 0 Star Wars R oleplaying Game, the Star Wars Miniatures Game, Urban Arcana, Council o f Wyrms, and the Eberron Campaign Setting .

Since 1997, Bill has been the Director of Roleplaying Games Research and Development for Wizards of the Coast, Inc., the company that now publishes all DUNG EONS & DRAG ONS novels and game products. He oversaw the creation of the d20 Roleplaying Game System and the newest edition of the DUNG EONS & DRAG ONS game. Bill leads a talented staff of game designers, developers, and editors who produce award-winning game products for DUNG EONS & DRAG ONS and other d20 System game lines, including roleplaying game supplements and accessories, adventures and campaign books, and prepainted plastic miniatures. He lives with his wife Michele, two cats, and more comics, toys, and books than he knows what to do with - and that's okay by him. Richard Baker: Richard Baker is an award-winning game designer and a best-selling author. He's worked on the DUNG EONS & DRAG ONS game lines since 1991. Rich traces his D&D experience back to 1979, when he began playing the DUNG EONS & DRAG ONS game as a 7th-grader. He spent a significant amount of his high school and college years playing D&D at every opportunity, and after serving as a surface warfare officer in the United States Navy, Rich decided to take a shot at working on the game he grew up playing Ñ and so he joined the staff of TSR, Inc. and became a game designer.


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