Eclipse For Dummies

Eclipse For Dummies

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Eclipse For Dummies - Barry Burd
Eclipse For Dummies
Eclipse For Dummies - by Barry Burd

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Barry Burd
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1st Edition
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ISBN: 0-7645-7470-1

In his friendly, easy-to-understand style, the bestselling author of Java 2 For Dummies shows developers how to get up to speed fast on this popular Java IDE Eclipse, an open source product originally developed by IBM, has an estimated 500,000 users-a 45 percent market share among Java IDEs Shows Java developers how to maximize programming productivity with Eclipse, covering all the basics as well as advanced techniques such as using Ant, developing new Eclipse plug-ins, and working with Javadocs JAR files

From the Back Cover Enjoy easier, speedier programming with fewer bugs See how Eclipse makes it easier to use all the cool new Java tools

Instead of casting a shadow, Eclipse really brightens the IDE landscape, and this book shines plenty of light on using every feature. It'll help you download and install Eclipse, find out how to use all the views, perspectives, and project properties, and get busy developing effective Java applications, all without seeing stars.

Discover how to

Customize perspectives, workspaces, and editors Extend Eclipse with plug-ins Generate code automatically Preview, undo, and redo refactoring operations Create Javadocs and JAR files Search across projects with Java

About the Author Dr. Barry Burd received an M.S. degree in Computer Science at Rutgers University and a Ph.D. in Mathematics at the University of Illinois. As a teaching assistant in Champaign-Urbana, Illinois, he was elected five times to the university-wide List of Teachers Ranked as Excellent by their Students.

Since 1980, Dr. Burd has been a professor in the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at Drew University in Madison, New Jersey. When he’s not lecturing at Drew University, Dr. Burd leads training courses for professional programmers in business and industry. He has lectured at conferences in the United States, Europe, Australia, and Asia. He is the author of several articles and books, including JSP: JavaServer Pages, published by Wiley Publishing, Inc.

Dr. Burd lives in Madison, New Jersey, with his wife and two children. In his spare time, he enjoys being a workaholic.


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