Excel 2007 AIO Desk Reference For Dummies Jan 2007

Excel 2007 AIO Desk Reference For Dummies

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Rossana Roses
Excel 2007 AIO Desk Reference For Dummies Jan 2007
Excel 2007 AIO Desk Reference For Dummies- by Greg Harvey

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Greg Harvey
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ISBN-13: 978-0-470-03738-6 / ISBN-10: 0-470-03738-5

Create colorful spreadsheets and charts, use Live Preview, and maximize everything Excel 2007 has to offer! Find just what you need to know about using the new Ribbon, designing spreadsheets that communicate, editing and printing them, working with formulas, protecting your data when you collaborate, turning out cool charts, and much more. The included four-color insert highlights the Ribbon, new graphics features, and more!

Discover how toCreate dynamic spreadsheets with style galleriesWork with more than 40 new cell stylesAutomate formatting with Live PreviewShare Excel data with other programsUse VBA to write custom Excel functions

About the Author Greg Harvey has authored tons of computer books, the most recent being Excel 2007 For Dummies, Windows Vista For Dummies Quick Reference, and Excel Workbook For Dummies. He started out training business users on how to use IBM personal computers and their attendant computer software in the rough-and-tumble days of DOS, WordStar, and Lotus 1-2-3 in the mid-80s of the last century. After working for a number of independent training firms, he went on to teaching semester-long courses in spreadsheet and database management software at Golden Gate University in San Francisco.

His love of teaching has translated into an equal love of writing. For Dummies books are, of course, his all-time favorites to write because they enable him to write to his favorite audience, the beginner. They also enable him to use humor (a key element to success in the training room) and, most delightful of all, to express an opinion or two about the subject matter at hand.


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