Excel 2007 Just the Steps For Dummies

Excel 2007 Just the Steps For Dummies

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Excel 2007 Just the Steps For Dummies
Excel 2007 Just the Steps For Dummies - by Diane Koers

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Diane Koers
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1st Edition
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ISBN: 978-0-470-03921-2

- Completely updated to reflect the many changes in the latest release of Excel, this helpful book presents readers with concise instructions for carrying out common Excel 2007 tasks - An easy-to-navigate design features a two-column layout and is packed with step-by-step directions and illustrations that incorporate the notable changes to Excel 2007 - Readers can pick the task, find it fast, and get it done quickly, all while gaining a clear understanding of Excel 2007 enhancements, such as a new user interface, improved charting and PivotTable capabilities, and better data exchange with XML

From the Back Cover Just the steps you need to create spreadsheets, charts, and more Simple steps...

...for great results

Create a Basic Chart

1.Select the data (sequential or nonsequential) you want to plot in the chart. See Figure 11-1 for an example of sequential data selected for a chart.

2.Press the F11 key. Excel immediately adds a new sheet called Chart 1 to your workbook with the data plotted into a column chart. Figure 11-2 shows you the various elements that can make up a chart

Some newer keyboards use a different function for the F11 key. If your F11 key does not produce a chart, use the Insert tab as explained in the next section.

Title: A descriptive name for the overall chart. By default, titles are not added in a basic chart. X or Category axis: Column or row headings from your selected data, which Excel uses for Category axis names. X Axis Title: A descriptive name for the Category axis. By default, a category label is not added in a basic chart. Get ready to Enter data into a spreadsheet Build formulas and functions Format cells and add graphics Sort and analyzedata Create charts andPivotTables Blend Excel intoPowerPoint®

About the Author Diane Koers owns and operates All Business Service, a software training and consulting business formed in 1988 that services the central Indiana area. Her area of expertise has long been in the word-processing, spreadsheet, and graphics areas of computing. She also provides training and support for Peachtree Accounting Software. Diane’s authoring experience includes over thirty five books on topics such as PC Security, Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Works, WordPerfect, Paint Shop Pro, Lotus SmartSuite, Quicken, Microsoft Money and Peachtree Accounting. Many of these titles have been translated into other languages such as French, Dutch, Bulgarian, Spanish and Greek. She has also developed and written numerous training manuals for her clients.

Diane and her husband enjoy spending their free time fishing, traveling and playing with their four grandsons and Little Joe, their Yorkshire Terrier.


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