Philippine Madrigal Singers - Maior Caritas Op.5

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Moreberto Parangue

The University of the Philippines Madrigal Singers has established itself as one of the finest choral groups in the world. In it's long history, the group has captivated the hearts of music enthusiasts from all continents and has always left the audience mesmerized and enthralled after each amazing and moving performance. Most remarkably, the group has no conductor, to give the cues and shape the architecture of the music, in this formation of singers seated in a mystical semi circle. National Artist Andrea Veneracion founded the group in 1963 and led them through numerous victories in the international choral scene reaching the pinnacle of the choir's success in 1997 when they won the European Grand Prix for Choral Singing in Tours (France). She carefully nurtured the group into becoming the world-class ensemble that it is today. Mark Anthony Carpio now directs the group, and ten years after that momentous 1997 triumph, the most beautiful sound on earth again earned the unanimous vote of the judges in the 2007 European Grand Prix in Arezzo (Italy), becoming the first choir to merit the honor of winning twice in the history of the competitions. The current group is composed of very young singers who, after receiving the music minutes before the recording, proceeded in the usual "Madz" fashion of impeccable sight-singing, bringing the music to life with an amazing spontaneity, delivering an emotionally arousing performance that is immortalized in this compact disc.


1 Pater Noster

2 Ama Namin

3 Memorare

4 Crucifixus

5 De Profundis

6 Alma de Cristo

7 O Magnum Mysterium

8 Pange Lingua Gloriosi

9 Nobis Datus

10 In Suprema Nocte Cenae

11 Verbum Caro

12 Tantum Ergo Sacramentum

13 Genitori, Genitoque - Dayawenen

14 Maior Caritas


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