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Sharon Cuneta - Dj's Pet

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Sharon Cuneta
Dj's Pet
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Sharon Gamboa Cuneta-Pangilinan is a Filipino actress, singer, television host, and commercial endorser. She is referred to as the "Megastar" of the Philippines for her unparalleled success in the entertainment industry. Her career - spanning over 40 years to date - as a multi-awarded film actress, record-breaking singer and concert performer, top-rated television host and one of the highest-paid commercial endorsers, is a testament to her achievements in all facets of the entertainment spectrum.

In January 1978, a wide-eyed, 12-year old Sharon Gamboa Cuneta made her first visit to 782 Aurora Boulevard, which was the address of Vicor Records. Her Uncle and Vice-President of Vicor, Tito Sotto, asked her to record “Tawag Ng Pag-Ibig” which he produced for her at Vicor and shortly after, this newbie singer was on television promoting her own song for the very first time and on the top-rated TV show Discorama hosted by TVJ, no less.

The young Sharon was being interviewed live on Discorama when it suddenly hit her: "This is the show I watch every week. This is the show that I don’t know how many hundreds of thousands or millions of people watch in the whole country. When it hit me, I couldn’t talk."

In May 1978, Sharon Cuneta followed up with a song by Rey Valera entitled "Mr. DJ" that became THE Song that started it all for her. Her Producer in Vicor, Tito Sotto, wanted Valera to make a song that would appeal to the Radio DJ's and convince them to play her record on the air.

"Mr. DJ" became a massive popular hit and gave Cuneta the moniker, "DJ's Pet" (which also became the title of her debut LP). Cuneta received her first Gold Record for this and her music label Vicor Records came out with succeeding albums like "Sharon" and "Sharon Cuneta", and then "High School" all with the same level of hit-making success.

The years that came after Mr. DJ found Sharon making one hit after another for Vicor. Cuneta released one hit single after another including "Naaalala Ka", "I-Swing Mo Ako", "Kahit Maputi Na Ang Buhok Ko" and "High School Life", which were also part of the Manila Sound era


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