Hypnotherapy For Dummies

Hypnotherapy For Dummies

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Hypnotherapy For Dummies
Hypnotherapy For Dummies - by Mike Bryant and Peter Mabbutt
Hypnotherapy For Dummies - Mike Bryant

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Mike Bryant and Peter Mabbutt
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ISBN-13: 978-0-470-01930-6 / ISBN-10: 0-470-01930-1

An easy-to-follow, reassuring and responsible guide that shows how you can use hypnotherapy to identify and overcome unhealthy modes of thinking, deal with emotional issues, improve performance, and banish bad habits. Whether you’re seeking to overcome anxiety or depression, improve your performance professionally or personally, lose weight or beat an addiction, hypnotherapy can help you make the changes you want.

About the Authors Mike Bryant is an African-American who has lived in England since 1984.

Mike is a qualified psychiatric social worker, counsellor, and hypnotherapist and has also worked as an information technology and project manager.

With extensive experience in both America and the United Kingdom, Mike has established a range of innovative mental health schemes in London as well as having provided senior service development consultancy to NHS Mental Health Trusts across England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales as a Senior Consultant with the Sainsbury Centre for Mental Health (SCMH). While at SCMH, he published a range of papers and reports on mental health issues.

Mike currently lives in London with his wife and family and has a private practice as a counsellor and as hypnotherapist. You can find more information about Mike’s practice at www.londonhypno.com.

Peter Mabbutt is Director of Studies at the London College of Clinical Hypnosis (LCCH) and lectures throughout the UK and overseas to both lay students and medical practitioners. He is responsible for the development of the LCCH’s core courses and with his colleagues has introduced many new techniques and subjects to the curriculum, ensuring that it continues to meet the needs of the modern-day hypnotherapist.

With a background in psychopharmacology Peter co-authored a range of papers on tranquilisers, anxiety, and learning and memory before training with the LCCH to become a hypnotherapist. Peter has a specialist interest in the mind-body connection, weight control, the treatment of trauma, and hypertension.


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