Advertising 2nd Edition For Dummies

About the Author
Gary Dahl is an award-winning copywriter, creative director, and advertising
agency owner. His career spans 40 years, during which he has handled all
facets of advertising for hundreds of clients. His agency, Gary Dahl Creative
Services, in Campbell, California, specializes in electronic advertising. Dahl’s
ability to creatively capture the essence of a client’s business in 30 or 60
seconds of clear, concise broadcast copy is a result of having written and
produced hundreds of television commercials and thousands of radio commercials
for a wide variety of businesses, including financial, automotive,
wireless, education, retail, high-tech, and dot-coms.
Gary Dahl has a unique understanding of what it takes to successfully convey
a client’s message to potential customers. As the creator of the retail phenomenon,
the Pet Rock –– which still ranks as the fastest selling and most
publicized novelty gift product in retail history –– Dahl has proven the extraordinary
power of a creative idea combined with an effective, well-planned
marketing strategy. He has been featured in Time, Newsweek, People, Playboy,
and other major magazines; has appeared on numerous network TV shows;
and has been interviewed by countless radio networks worldwide, including
NPR, the BBC, and the Australian Broadcasting Company.
An accomplished public speaker, Dahl has made advertising/marketing presentations
to numerous university advertising and marketing communications
classes, advertising and civic organizations, and business and professional
clubs throughout the country. He and his wife, Marguerite, live in the hills
above Los Gatos, California.
Ruth Mills is an editor and writer with more than 20 years of experience in
book publishing. She has edited and published books on a wide range of
topics, including business, finance, biography, general-interest non-fiction,
and fiction. She has worked with authors who were CEOs of major corporations
(including Continental Airlines and Sears) and journalists from such
major publications as BusinessWeek, Forbes, Fortune, and The Wall Street
Journal. She also developed several series of books with Entrepreneur,
Adweek, and Black Enterprise magazines. Finally, she has ghost-written seven
books on business topics, including advertising, real estate investing, personal
finance, and the success story of a well-known business entrepreneur.

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Advertising For Dummies 2nd Edition

So, you need to create an advertising campaign that brings in more customers, adds more dollars to your bottom line, and validates all the reasons you went into business in the first place. But how can you make your ad look and sound like champagne if your budget can only afford beer? Are you wasting your time trying to sell ice to an Eskimo?
The world of advertising can seem like a daunting place―but it doesn’t have to be. Advertising for Dummies coaches you through the process and shows you how to:

Identify and reach your target audience
Define and position your message

Marketing for Dummies 3rd Edition

Covers everything from essential marketing principles and techniques to the latest methods and trends

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Explains Internet and search engine marketing to work for you
Helps you identify customers where you least expect them
Offers tips on using online resources to size up competitors
Covers effective product positioning in a crowded marketplace
Introduces guerilla and global marketing

You don’t have to be a marketing genius to expand your customer base and boost sales, but you will need a little help from Marketing For Dummies, 3rd Edition.

Whiskey & Spirits for Dummies

Would you like to better appreciate fine distilled spirits? Whiskey & Spirits For Dummies is your complete guide to selecting and enjoying this family of noble beverages, flavor by flavor. From whiskey, rum, and brandy to vodka, gin, and cordials, this handy reference traces the history of distilled spirits, explains how they are made, and shows you how to evaluate, serve, and savor them.
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Small Business For Dummies 3rd Edition

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