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Rockstar – Mahal Pa Rin Kita – 2010 ALBUM

Paul Sapiera – guitarist, singer/songwriter recording artist by Viva Records and then later by Universal Records Philippines popular among Filipinos all over the internet that made number 1 hits in the Philippine pop charts in the 90s namely: Parting Time, Mahal Pa Rin Kita, Huwag Na Sana, Bakit Sinta and recently in 2020 his song Matay Lumuluha made number 1 in the Mychart Pinoy Philippine internet radio countdown. Matay Lumuluha was a soundtrack for the 1997 film Goodbye America by ABS-CBN.

Rockstar – Mahal pa rin kita

Rockstar is a Philippine rock band who were very popular during the late 1990’s. With Paul Sapiera as the Main Vocals & lead Axe, the songs “Mahal Pa Rin Kita” and “Parting Time” became a success. Their albums/songs were awarded Platinum / Triple Platinum Awards. Later on, another singer took the place of Paul Sapiera and then they concentrated as an Independent Rock band Arkasia. The band won a Gold Award. As of today, although the band members have pursued separate careers, they still continue to write music, performing in various music venues and although the band members are worlds apart, they are still in tact as a unit. Thank you to all the devoted fans for all the support, coordination and contributions in promoting Arkasia band. Paul Sapiera – Lead Vocals/ Lead Guitar Norman Quimson – Guitars / Keyboards / BGV Rodel Agsalud – Drummer Allan Sanmillan – Bass / BGV 

Lani Misalucha – Tunay Na Mahal


Lani Bayot Misalucha is a Filipino singer who performs pop, rock, jazz, soul, rhythm and blues, and operatic arias. Her ability to sing across several genres gave her the title “Asia’s Nightingale” by MTV Southeast Asia. She was also nominated for an Aliw Award for playing Sita in the 1999 Filipino musical Rama at Sita – The Musical.