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Six Sigma Workbook For Dummies

Need help implementing or understanding Six Sigma? Want to take this powerful problem-solving methodology and apply it to your business? Six Sigma isn’t just for Fortune 500 companies anymore; it’s for every business, even yours, no matter how big or small. This hands-on workbook provides the knowledge, insight, and practical exercises you need to master Six Sigma and put it to work in your business. Perfect as a companion workbook for Six Sigma For Dummies — or any other Six Sigma book — Six Sigma Workbook For Dummies gives you a wealth of examples, problems, and other tools you need to turn Six Sigma theory into practice — today!


* How to form and lead a Six Sigma initiative
* Project alignment with business objectives and strategy
* How to create process flow maps and models
* Chart and graph plotting for analysis and interpretation
* Methods for calculating Sigma scores
* How to quantify variable relationships

Bulk Solids Handling

The success of powdered material process engineering and manufacturing is dependent upon
the measurement and control of micro-, nano- and bio-scale particulate products as well
as the behaviour of bulk powders on a macro-scale. Great strides have been accomplished
with on-line, in-line and in-process characterisation of micro-scale particles, but in order to
optimise the multivariate products generated nowadays, fundamental understanding must
be gained in bulk processing and product behaviour at all levels of the industrial scale.
Powders can be regarded as being either two- (solid–liquid) or three-phasic (solid–liquid–
gas) systems which, at times, can be treated as a single continuum. Because there is a great
variety in the bulk powder properties and characteristics of such assemblies there is a need
to understand the mechanico-physical properties of discrete solid particles as well as the
physico-chemical interaction of adsorbed solid–fluid boundaries on particles.
Thus, there is an awareness to regard the continuous fluid phase (generally a gas) not
only as a supportive phase, but also as a major contributing addition to the solid particulate
phase and to treat powders as a solid–fluid system.
Powders, in reality and practice, are not solely solid.

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