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The Handbook of Drone Photography – A Complete Guide to the New Art of Do-It-Yourself

– “The most amazing drone photography” – The New York Post
– “Stunning drone photography captures unique perspective on America–and the
world” – Travel + Leisure
– “The best drone photography you’ll see all year” – The Telegraph
– “These aerial photos will change the way you see the world” – Business Insider

Drones are the next frontier in photography. This cutting-edge technology, still unexplored by the masses, can bring visual artistry to new and exciting heights. The Handbook of Drone Photography will be the go-to manual for consumers wishing to harness the power of drones to capture stunning aerial photographs.

This book covers everything one needs to choose the right drone, to get airborne, and to capture and share incredible content. With easy and straightforward instruction, the text will familiarize readers with their craft and its controls. Readers will master drones’ extraordinary image-capturing capabilities and review detailed photography tips that can bring their artistic vision to life. For the first time, aerial photography is open to everyone, and award-winning travel photographer Chase Guttman will guide readers’ drone ventures from beginning to end. The Handbook of Drone Photography can help anyone break into this thrilling, high-potential space and launch their own lofty explorations today.

The complete handbook of woodworking tools and hardware

Woodworker Charles Self is an award-winning writer who has contributed a vast amount of work to the woodworking field. In 2005, he received a Vaughan-Bushnell Hammer Award for Best DIY Book for Woodworker’s Pocket Reference. He has written numerous books and articles for publications. He has edited and consulted for companies such as DeWalt, Grizzly Industrial, McGraw-Hill, Time-Life, and Popular Mechanics Encyclopedia.

Cloudburst – A Handbook of Rural Skills and Technologies 2

Cloudburst is a book born of people’s experiences; people who are finding ways of living harmoniously with nature rather than exploiting it. It is hoped that this book will provide the means for other people to live similarly. Cloudburst was compiled fitfully, with no deadlines, in no hurry. It grew slowly, in stages, in the hours not taken by the daily duties which a rural existence demands.