Amazing Android Apps For Dummies

From the Back Cover
How do you find the Android apps you can’t live without? Easy — just open this book!
There are SO many apps — who has time to explore them all? Daniel A. Begun already did, and the best in 18 categories are reviewed here in plain English. What’s your passion? Sports? Movies? Shopping? Photography? Finance? Geeky stuff? Get the scoop on 180 must-have apps, learn what they cost, and find expert advice to help you sort the best from the rest in the world of Android apps.

First things first — peek into the Android Market and other app stores and learn where Android apps excel — and where they don’t

For bibliophiles — find apps for reading or listening to books and viewing comics

Fun and games — entertain preschoolers, help kids build skills, challenge adult brains, and add some fun to your day with cool game apps

Shining stars — discover the best apps to follow your favorite band, keep track of upcoming movies, buy tickets, and even watch TV shows

Mind your business — with apps that track profits, study investments, and manage your money on the go

Open the book and find:
How to stay productive with apps that block junk calls and texts
Fun fitness apps to track your workouts and map your runs
Wild weather apps for tracking earthquakes and hurricanes
A blast from the past or the next big hit with apps for music fans of any age
The best apps to add effects to your photos and videos
Apps to help your golf game or your favorite fantasy leagues
How to shop smarter with price comparison and product review apps

Learn to:
Which apps are worth the price and what’s fabulous for free
Apps for gamers, fitness fans, shutterbugs, and weather watchers
Cool apps for all your hobbies —from food to movies, shopping to sports, and more

About the Author
Daniel A. Begun has worked in the tech industry for over 20 years. A technology journalist, he has written for PC Magazine, Computer Shopper, and Laptop Magazine, as well as popular tech Web sites CNET, ExtremeTech, Computerworld, Maximum PC, and the PC enthusiast site

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Twitter’s API is open and third-party companies and developers are creating all kinds of apps ranging from analytical tools to advertising tools to tools
The author is going to use one of his unpublished Twitter app ideas
Walks the reader through covering the API, idea creation, development, and monetization of the app
Twitter Application Development For Dummies will get you up and running so you can create great apps for Twitter from the creator of one of the most popular apps!

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Learning to use a new phone can be both difficult and frustrating. With confusing documentation and baffling support, the references provided by phone manufacturers can be intimidating. Enter Samsung Galaxy S 6 For Dummies! This extensive yet practical guide walks you through the most useful features of your new Samsung Galaxy S 6—and it shows you all the best tricks to getting the most out of your device. With an accessible and fun, yet informative writing style, this is a text that you’ll refer to again and again as you explore the capabilities of your new smartphone!

Samsung is the largest phone manufacturer in the world, so it’s no wonder that its flagship smartphone products—the Galaxy S line—have made quite a splash. Built around the Android operating system, the Galaxy S 6 is so much more than a phone, it is a mobile device with endless capabilities, so why not explore and use that functionality?

Set up and configure your new smartphone to fit your needs and preferences
Review the phone’s features and capabilities
Access key functionality, such as texting, emailing, accessing the internet, using navigation, capturing photos and videos, social networking, watching movies, downloading apps, securing and synching your phone with your PC
Expand the capabilities of your Samsung Galaxy S 6 by downloading new software upgrades
Samsung Galaxy S 6 For Dummies clearly explains the features and capabilities of your new phone—and will have you up and running on your smartphone in no time!