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Andrew E – Banyo Queen OST – 2002 Album

Andrew Espiritu (born July 30, 1967), better known as Andrew E.,
is a popular Filipino Rap Artist, Record Producer, Dongalo Wreckords CEO,
Fedex WSC Director, Dongalo Clothing President, and Movie actor. He is
best known throughout the Philippines for 1990 debut hit single
Humanap Ka Ng Panget. Won at the 2010 PMPC Star Awards for Music,
the “Rap Album Of The Year Award” for his latest album “CLUBZILLA”.
Andrew E. also known as the KING OF PINOY RAP in the Philippines.

Hangad – Pasko Naming Hangad

Hangad is a group of friends, both young professionals and students, bound by our shared desire of knowing God, and helping others know God, through song.

Since our formation in 1991, we in Hangad have spread our deeply personal brand of inspirational and liturgical music through seven albums and four music videos produced by the Jesuit Communications Foundation; as well as Masses, weddings, full-length concerts, concert guestings, parish choir workshops, and other events, both around the Philippines in the United States.

Even as the group reaches outward, Hangad also regularly undergoes our own spiritual formation activities, towards ceaselessly fueling and deepening our individual and collective pagha-Hangad.

Microsoft SQL Server 2005 for Dummies

Create and modify databases and keep them secure

Get up to speed on using T-SQL to store and manipulate data

SQL Server 2005 improves an already great database management system. This book shows you how to put it to work in a hurry. You’ll find out how to use the SQL Server Management Studio and the SQLCMD utility to write T-SQL code, retrieve data from single or multiple SQL Server tables, add data using the INSERT statement, and much more.

* Create queries to retrieve data
* Ensure SQL Server security
* Use Visual Studio(r) 2005 with SQL Server
* Create tables, views, and indexes
* Work with Common Language Runtime
* Query XML data