Anger Management For Dummies UK Edition

From the Back Cover
Learn to:

Stay calm under pressure
Adopt a new outlook on difficult situations
Manage your daily stresses and strains
Balance the effects of your temper
Wave goodbye to stress and anger

Do you have difficulty keeping a lid on your emotions? Do you often fly off the handle? Or do you know someone else who does? This book offers essential techniques on keeping your anger under control and developing new skills to deal with stressful situations. Through helpful and straightforward explanations, this guide will help you to ease your anger and work on areas where you’d like to keep your cool. From managing stressful situations at home or in the office to tackling road rage, use this easy-to-follow advice to stay on top of your anger and keep your head in testing situations.

Work at it – combat workplace stress and stay calm in a professional environment
Don’t look back in anger – deal with the past, and learn to let go and move forward
Drift away – discover how to dissolve stress and ensure a good night’s sleep
Should I have said that? – learn to manage your temper and not speak out in anger
No combat zone – say goodbye to physical aggression and control your body, as well as your mind
Getting personal – find new ways to deal with problems at home and in relationships
Open the book and find:

How to deal with pressurised situations
Daily stress management techniques
Advice on how to develop a new outlook
Ways to stay in a good mood
Key points on keeping your cool
The skill of preventing anger in the future
Why it’s important to manage your body chemistry

About the Author
Gill Bloxham, CPsychol is a Chartered Psychologist and an Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society. Gill teaches on university courses, to charity organizations such as MIND and to non-health agencies including the police and local government.

W. Doyle Gentry, PhD, is a Clinical Psychologist and Director of the Institute for Anger-Free Living.

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Anger Management For Dummies

If your anger, or that of a loved one, is out of control and threatening your life and livelihood, you need the calm, clear, and understanding help you’ll find in Anger Management For Dummies. This concise and practical guidebook shares specific anger management methods, skills, and exercises that will help you identify the sources of your anger and release yourself from their grip. You’ll find out how to:
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Express your feelings calmly
Respond rather than react
Prevent anger incidents in the future
Release healthy anger in a healthy way
Confess your anger in a journal
Use anger constructively
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Acceptance and Commitment Therapy For Dummies

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Manage your emotions – identify your feelings, determine what beliefs cause negative emotions, and stop self-destructive behaviors
Discover the power of empathy – read other people’s emotions through facial cues and body language and show them you understand their feelings
Thrive at work – find a job that’s right for you, overcome hassles and fears, and develop your leadership skills
Build and sustain meaningful relationships – discover how to take your partner’s emotional temperature and manage emotions to grow closer
Raise an emotionally intelligent child – keep your cool with your child, coax shy children out of their shells, and get your child to be less aggressive and defiant