Australian Politics For Dummies

From the Back Cover
Understand the Australian political system and make your vote count
Get to grips with the good, the bad and the ugly of Australian politics! Whether you’re a seasoned political punter or a voting novice, this is your essential guide to understanding politics in Australia. Master the ins and outs of elections, parties and policies, and learn to discuss the big issues in no time. You have to vote — now learn why and how.

Decipher political terminology — clear explanations of the houses of parliament, voting systems and more

Learn how Australia’s political system evolved — how Westminster and Washington were combined to produce ‘Washminster’

Appreciate parliamentary roles — what the Whips do and just what the Usher of the Black Rod is

Find out who holds the purse strings — how federal and state governments work out who pays for what

Understand how political parties work — the differences between Labor and Liberal, and what coalition politics is

Discover what’s meant by the balance of power — how minor parties and independents contribute to politics

Determine how your vote is counted — the difference between preferential voting and proportional representation

Work out the media’s role — how the media reports, interprets and sways political outcomes

Open the book and find:
Key points about past and current political hot topics
Explanations of the Australian Constitution, including the crisis of 1975
Plans of the houses of parliament so you know who sits where
Analysis of how the major Australian political parties came about
A concise description of the electoral pendulum
Graphic descriptions of the different ballot papers
A comprehensive glossary of political terms and jargon

Learn to:
Identify what makes the Australian political system tick
Distinguish between the different political parties
Understand the influence of the media in Australian politics
Cast your vote with confidence

About the Author
Nick Economou is a leading expert in political science. He is a senior lecturer at Monash University, and a respected author and media commentator.

Zareh Ghazarian also lectures at Monash, has received awards for his research and teaching, and contributes to media and public debate.

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Learn to:

Understand the pros and cons of investing in Australian managed funds
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