Building Information Modeling For Dummies

From the Back Cover
Learn to:

Design a building collaboratively using one coherent system of computer models
Save time, money, and effort using BIM
Reduce on-site errors through same-model team collaboration
Create better buildings that will stand the test of time
Build better with BIM! This book shows you how to get started

Building Information Modeling will soon be a mandatory practice for building industry around the world, and this friendly guide introduces you to BIM quickly and easily. You’ll see how BIM is used in the real world, how it saves time and waste onsite, and how it leads to fewer errors. You’ll discover the requirements and processes, and find out why BIM is vital to the future of construction.

BIM basics ― discover what building information modeling is all about, why it involves more than just building, what the digital modeling process means, and how collaboration works
Preparing the foundation ― explore the technology, select the tools, find out about BIM-appropriate projects, and set up the necessary infrastructure
Understand the requirements ― review international construction strategies and standards development and see how standardization enables BIM’s effectiveness
Develop your own BIM strategy ― set up a BIM business case, develop an execution plan, and find out how to manage the issues involved
Look ahead ― examine trends and patterns that illustrate how BIM can help make construction safer and reduce waste
Open the book and find:

BIM facts and fundamentals
How BIM will benefit your projects
Advice on managing the impact of change
A look at software, hardware, and training requirements
How to encourage your organization to accept BIM
Legal and liability issues
New ways to look at collaboration
How future technology may drive BIM

–This text refers to the paperback edition.

About the Author
Stefan Mordue is a chartered architect, construction project manager, registered CDM coordinator, and NBS technical author.

Paul Swaddle is a chartered architect, BIM futurist, and NBS business solutions consultant.

David Philip is head of BIM at Mace and part of the HM Government Task Group Core BIM team.

–This text refers to the paperback edition.

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Building Information Modeling For Dummies

Everything you need to make the most of building information modeling
If you’re looking to get involved in the world of BIM, but don’t quite know where to start, Building Information Modeling For Dummies is your one-stop guide to collaborative building using one coherent system of computer models rather than as separate sets of drawings. Inside, you’ll find an easy-to-follow introduction to BIM and hands-on guidance for understanding drivers for change, the benefits of BIM, requirements you need to get started, and where BIM is headed.

The future of BIM is bright―it provides the industry with an increased understanding of predictability, improved efficiency, integration and coordination, less waste, and better value and quality. Additionally, the use of BIM goes beyond the planning and design phase of the project, extending throughout the building life cycle and supporting processes, including cost management, construction management, project management, and facility operation. Now heavily adopted in the U.S., Hong Kong, India, Singapore, France, Canada, and countless other countries, BIM is set to become a mandatory practice in building work in the UK, and this friendly guide gives you everything you need to make sense of it―fast.

Demonstrates how BIM saves time and waste on site
Shows you how the information generated from BIM leads to fewer errors on site
Explains how BIM is based on data sets that describe objects virtually, mimicking the way they’ll be handled physically in the real world
Helps you grasp how the integration of BIM allows every stage of the life cycle to work together without data or process conflict

Written by a team of well-known experts, this friendly, hands-on guide gets you up and running with BIM fast.

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