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Chinese Brush Painting – A Complete Course in Traditional and Modern Techniques

This comprehensive guide shows the aspiring artist how to master Chinese brush painting techniques and attitudes. Intended as a “how to” manual, it takes students step by step through the creative process. The heart of the book is devoted to detailed methods for painting such simple subjects as bamboo and plum blossoms and then moves on to more ambitious subjects: a bird, fish, and landscapes. Numerous illustrations and paintings, many in color, complement the text. Additional chapters show how to adapt Chinese brush painting to Western subjects.
Reprint of the William Collins Sons & Co., Ltd., London, 1987 edition.

Chinese Landscape Painting Techniques for Watercolor

Minimum stroke – maximum effect

Learn how to make each brushstroke count when painting classically beautiful landscapes using a combination of traditional and modern watercolor techniques.

Master artist and teacher Lian Quan Zhen shows how to blend Eastern and Western art theories, materials and techniques to create landscapes with graceful simplicity.

Chinese Landscape Painting Techniques for Watercolor includes 27 start-to-finish demonstrations, which show how to capture the spirit and mood of the landscape in all types of weather and in all four seasons. It also features a wide variety of landscape subjects from America and around the world.

Chinese Watercolor Techniques for Exquisite Flowers

East meets West

“Combine Chinese and Western painting techniques to create beautiful flower paintings.”

In this beautifully illustrated book, two proud traditions mix and mingle to create fresh watercolor expressions. Learn how to infuse your flowers with new life using a combination of traditional Chinese brush painting and Western watercolor techniques.80 pages of exciting step-by-step watercolor demonstrations16 popular flowers, 8 of them in both Western and Eastern stylesTraditional Chinese painting materials and techniques4 creative variations for further experimentation

Lian Quan Zhen makes Eastern art ideas and techniques accessible and approachable. Written with both beginning and advanced artists in mind, the lessons in this book will sharpen your sense of composition, enrich your use of color and help you capture the essence of your flower subjects.

Art Lessons in Realist Drawing, Painting, and Beyond – Interviews and Step-by-Step Demonstrations with International Artists

In Art Lessons in Realist Drawing, Painting, and Beyond: Interviews and Step-by-Step Demonstrations with International Artists, fine artist and editor Veronica Winters offers a rare chance to see in one publication 13 emerging and established contemporary realist artists at work. The book features interviews with international artists, explaining their creative processes and ideas in drawing, painting, and beyond. Artists talk about their art, technique, and life, showcasing their craft in numerous full-color illustrations and step-by-step demonstrations. This book helps readers to develop their artistic skills, learn the nuances of working in different media, and grow their appreciation for the arts. The book is a great gift for teen artists, adult art enthusiasts, and any creative soul searching for inspiration, motivation, and technique.