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Shock Wave Science and Technology Reference Library

This book is the second of several volumes on solids in the Shock Wave Science and Technology Reference Library. These volumes are primarily concerned with high-pressure shock waves in solid media, including detonation and high-velocity impact and penetration events. Of the four extensive chapters in this volume, the first two describe the reactive behavior of condensed phase explosives, – Condensed-Phase Explosives: Shock Initiation and Detonation Phenomena (SA Sheffield and R Engelke) – First Principles Molecular Simulations of Energetic Materials at High-Pressures (F Zhang, S Alavi, and TK Woo), and the remaining two discuss the inert, mechanical response of solid materials. – Combined Compression and Shear Plane Waves (ZP Tand and JB Aidun), and – Dynamic Fragmentation of Solids (D Grady). All chapters are each self-contained, and can be read independently of each other. They offer a timely reference, for beginners as well as professional scientists and engineers, on the foundations of detonation phenomena, high strain rate response behavior, and on the burgeoning developments as well as challenging unsolved problems.

Chronopharmaceutics – Science And Technology For Biological Rhythm-Guided Therapy And Prevention Of

The first standard reference on chronopharmaceutics

As we better understand how biological processes unfold in real time through advances in chronobiology and related fields, we can create safer, more effective drugs, drug delivery systems, and disease monitoring and prevention systems. When administered in correct coordination with a patient’s body rhythms, such drugs can maximize therapeutic outcome while minimizing unwanted side effects. Chronopharmaceutics presents the first standard reference text on this emerging cross-disciplinary field and its potential for therapeutic and preventive medicine.

Bringing together the latest findings from experienced investigators, this edited work presents a much-needed single source on chronopharmaceutics. After an introduction that includes a timeline of key discoveries, an overview of regula-tory, formulation, manufacturing and key resource issues associated with chronopharmaceutics, the detailed coverage examines:

Chronogenetics Chronopharmacokinetics


Controlled release systems triggered by physical and/or chemical activation

Chronopharmacodynamics, chronomics, and anesthesia

Markers-guided chronotheranostics

Filling a gap in both the graduate classroom and the working industrial or research laboratory, Chronopharmaceutics offers students, instructors, and professionals a unique and comprehensive reference for this cutting-edge field.

The Project

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The Super Freak

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