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DJ Alvaro – Bagong Babae

DJ Alvaro graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Administration at the University of the Philippines in 1994. She was born in Pangasinan and raised in Bayombong Nueva Vizcaya. In 1994, she made her debut album “Bagong Babae” under Viva Records which left a tag under her name as Coritha-Lolita Carbon counterpart. She continues to write songs for other artists. Most of her pieces are novelty songs.

Nina – Nina Featuring the Hits of Barry Manilow(Repackage)

On September 28, 2007, Nina released a repackaged version of the album that features her renditions of Barry Manilow songs.[20] It was entitled Nina Special Limited Edition (Featuring the Hits of Barry Manilow). The re-release edition consists of two discs. The first disc is a five-track compilation of Manilow’s classic hits, including “Somewhere Down the Road”, “Even Now”, “One of These Days”, “Weekend in New England” and “If I Should Love Again”, and also features four bonus songs. “What If” (Acoustic Version) and “Someday” (Band Version) are among the bonus tracks, that were altered from the original arrangement. Both songs also came from the standard edition of the album. “Collide” is another bonus song in the first disc. It was originally released as a theme song for the promotion of the theatrical release of the 2007 Philippine sci-fi indie film Xenoa. The last bonus track, “The Christmas Song”, was originally released in November 2004 as part of Warner Music Philippines’ All Star Christmas Collection album. The second disc consists of songs from the standard edition of the album. The special limited edition was released in the Philippines just a few days before Nina in the Mix: The Dense Modesto Remixes, and was made available to digital download on October 22, 2007 via iTunes.