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DJ Arbie Won – United Freestyles v2.0

Arbie Bulaong aka DJ Arbie Won is an award winning hip-hop OG (Producer of the Year at the 1st Philippine Hip-Hop Awards for 2004’s “United Freestyles 2” – a collab with Francis M., SVC and practically most of that era’s hip-hop scene), an analog advocate (“Trapper Keeper”, the first single off his 2014 album “United Freestyles Vol. 3″, was released on limited edition colored and black 7” vinyl instead of on the internet) and the proud owner of record store/cafe Treskul Records and Cafe – which we had the chance to visit early last year as part of our Bandwagon to Wanderland music tour.

Design and Optimization of Irrigation Distribution Networks

There is a great deal of information and many schools of thought
regarding technical analysis for the optimization of irrigation water
conveyance networks.
The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations has
been working with leading experts in design techniques for optimization
in order to review the approaches and to condense them into a
publication for practical application to irrigation.
Techniques and automated procedures developed over the past
decades may be modified and refined and new ones may be elaborated.
Consequently this publication does not aim to be either a comprehensive
or definitive treatise on all aspects of design alternatives. It does,
however, seek to provide a recognized procedure for practical
application and to give guidance to experts and others concerned with
the design of water conveyance systems , who would need to have a degree
in engineering with some years of experience in irrigation and its
application in the field.