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Small Wells Manual: A Manual of Location, Design, Construction, Use and Maintenance

This manual is intended to serve as a basic introductory text book and to
provide instruction and guidance to field personnel engaged in the construction, operation and maintenance of small diameter, relatively shallow wells
used primarily for individual and small community water supplies.
it is aimed particularly at those persons who have had little or no
experience in the subject. An attempt has been made to treat the subject
matter as simply as possible in order that this manual may bF: of benefit not
only to the engineer or other technically trained individual (inexperienced in
this field) but also the individual home owner, farmer or non-technically
trained community development officer. This manual should also prove
useful in the training of water well drillers, providing the complementary
background material for their field experience. The reader who is interested
in pursuing the subject further, and with reference to larger and deeper wells,
is referred to the list of references to be found at the end of this manual

Manual of Traditional Wood Carving

Do you want to make an exact replica of a 16th-century carved table? Perhaps, an armchair in carved oak? Maybe, a misericord seat or a 17th-century chair. What about an Italian cassone or coffer, or an ornate 19th-century pipe rack? This book will show you how to make these and many other projects. The book combines practical instruction with numerous photographic illustrations and working diagrams. The summation of years of research and practical work, this volume is the definitive work in English on the craft of traditional wood carving.
For the serious-minded beginner, the instructional content is well-organized, easy-to-follow, and very precise. The authors begin with the basics: what tools and appliances are necessary, what woods to use, instruction in the actual cutting of wood. There are chapters on how to translate your ideas into wood, how to design, trace or outline your project. The various methods of practical carving are described; incised, pierced, and chip carving; carving in the round; Gothic carving; styles of carved ornament; etc. Many specific projects are offered: from the simplest — small boxes, bread platters, chests, chairs and stools — to the more complex — tables, cupboards and cabinets, beds, sideboards, even staircases, or for that matter, almost any item you can imagine in wood.
Authoritative, complete, and profusely illustrated with 1,146 working drawings and photographic examples, it contains a wealth of encyclopedic information. There is much here you could find nowhere else.