Femme Noir

Femme Noir is a wry homage to retro outlooks of a bygone tough guy/femme fatale age. If you like sex and humor, this book is for you.

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Femme Noir

Dames, booze, and murder is the oldest story in the book, but this time, it happens too fast to Nora Delaney, who is a notorious womanising college basketball coach.

College Grind/Ouch

Why settle for two feisty women when you can have four? In this spicy lesbian two-fer, dominant Yuna is determined to teach her demure girlfriend the meaning of obedience (Ouch), while Violet and Anne find themselves forced to perform some very intimate acts for an annoying voyeur-or get kicked out of college (College Grind). These assertive women know exactly how to get what they want and they-re causing pulses to race along the way!