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Design and Optimization of Irrigation Distribution Networks

There is a great deal of information and many schools of thought
regarding technical analysis for the optimization of irrigation water
conveyance networks.
The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations has
been working with leading experts in design techniques for optimization
in order to review the approaches and to condense them into a
publication for practical application to irrigation.
Techniques and automated procedures developed over the past
decades may be modified and refined and new ones may be elaborated.
Consequently this publication does not aim to be either a comprehensive
or definitive treatise on all aspects of design alternatives. It does,
however, seek to provide a recognized procedure for practical
application and to give guidance to experts and others concerned with
the design of water conveyance systems , who would need to have a degree
in engineering with some years of experience in irrigation and its
application in the field.

Cooking Basics For Dummies 5th Edition

Get started cooking now with Cooking Basics For Dummies, 5th Edition!
Are you looking to dig yourself out of microwave dinners and learn the ropes of home cooking? Cooking Basics For Dummies, 5th Edition takes the intimidation out of cooking and helps you start cultivating your culinary prowess in no time. From learning fundamental cooking techniques like dicing, chopping, and saut?ing to creating delicious, easy-to-follow recipes, you’ll discover how to cook up crowd-pleasing meals the whole family will enjoy—all without breaking a sweat!

Even if you’ve never cracked an egg, this friendly, practical guide gives you all the ingredients to become a superior home cook. In plain English, it explains step-by-step how to master popular cooking techniques, such as dicing vegetables, hard boiling an egg, making quick and delicious sauces, planning menus, stocking your pantry, and so much more.

Packed with more than 150 easy-to-follow recipes for every meal of the day, from mouth-watering mains to sumptuous sides to delectable desserts
Helps you master grilling, slow cooking, baking, roasting, pressure cooking, and more
Includes tips on adapting meals to meet the latest dietary trends, such as low-sugar, low-sodium, low-fat, plant-based, and vegetarian diets
Covers shopping at farmer’s markets and buying organic foods

Cooking Basics For Dummies, 5th edition is for every beginner cook or polished chef looking for a refresher on breathing new life into home-cooked meals.

Running a Food Truck for Dummies 2nd Edition

Drive your food truck business to success
While food trucks may not be the new kid on the block anymore, it’s a segment that continues to swell—and there’s still plenty of room for growth. If you have your sights set on taking your culinary prowess on the road, Running a Food Truck For Dummies, 2nd Edition helps you find your food niche, follow important rules of conducting business, outfit your moving kitchen, meet safety and sanitation requirements, and so much more.

Gone are the days of food trucks offering unappealing prepackaged meals, snacks, and coffee. In today’s flourishing food service industry, they’re more like restaurants on wheels, offering eager curbside patrons everything from gourmet tacos and Korean BBQ to gluten-free pastries and healthy vegan fare. Whether you’re the owner or operator of an existing food truck business looking to up the ante or a chef, foodie, or gourmand interested in starting your own mobile restaurant endeavor, Running a Food Truck For Dummies has you covered.

Create a food truck business plan to set yourself up for success
Stay profitable by avoiding the most common operating mistakes
Harness public relations and social media to build your following
Grow from one truck to multiple trucks, restaurants, or a food truck franchise

Packed with the latest information on legislation and ordinances, securing loans, and marketing to the all-important Millennials, this one-stop guide helps you cook up a well-done food truck venture in no time!