Formula One Racing For Dummies

About the Authors
Jonathan Noble is Grand Prix Editor of Autosport, Britain’s leading motorsport
weekly. His motor racing journalism career began during university when he
won the prestigious Sir Williams Lyons Award for young journalists – after
interviewing a then relatively unknown David Coulthard. After graduating from
Sussex University he joined news agency Collings Sport, helping cover Formula
One, football and rugby for a host of newspapers and agencies, including The
Daily Telegraph, Reuters and The European. He then moved to Autosport Special
Projects in 1999, with one of his tasks being to edit the company’s excellent
Grand Prix Review. In 2000 he took on his current position and has not missed
a race since. This is his first book.

Mark Hughes used to race cars before he began writing about them. His journalistic career began at British motorsport weekly Motoring News in 1988,
where he would stay for the next five years, moving from club race reporting
up to Formula One. After a spell in road car journalism, he went freelance in
1996 and was later contracted by Autosport – one of the leading motorsport
titles in the world – to be its Formula One Editor at Large. In this role he travels
to all races and writes the Grand Prix reports for the magazine.

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