Golf For Dummies 3rd Edition

From the Back Cover
Let Gary McCord show you how to get into the swing of things
Welcome to Gary McCord’s bestselling course on golf! Whether you’re new to the sport or a long-suffering duffer, Gary reviews the basics and shows you shot by shot how to shave strokes off your game. Now featuring new tips and updated coverage of courses, players, and equipment, it’s the one book you need before you say “Fore!” again.

Discover how to:
Improve your grip, stance, and swing
Fix common faults
Perfect your short game
Get up to speed on rules and etiquette
Make the most of high-tech equipment
Shape up with golf-specific exercises

About the Author
“Life is full of ups and downs, good and bad, but it wouldn’t be fun
any other way.” Living by this optimistic philosophy, Gary McCord
persisted through years of mediocrity before finding success. An
outstanding player, television announcer, instructor, author,
speaker, and even movie actor, he has become a golf celebrity.

McCord is well known for enduring 23 years and 422 tournaments
on the PGA Tour without nabbing a single victory. A man of good
humor, he sported a “NO WINS” license plate for years to poke fun at
his less-than-glamorous work as a professional golfer.

“Trapped in the headlights of bankruptcy,” as he liked to put it, McCord pursued
other avenues in golf, and found himself launching a broadcasting career.
He scored big when a CBS Sports executive tossed him a headset and asked
him to do golf commentary — giving him only 15 minutes to prepare. A friend
of failure, McCord jumped in with no fear and impressed CBS with his performance.

Twenty years later, he is still providing color commentary for CBS golf
events. Fans and critics alike praise him for his knowledgeable perspective,
refreshing humor, and sometimes irreverent wit toward a game known for
taking itself too seriously.

Broadcasting changed his perspective on golf. Realizing that a better understanding of the golf swing would help his TV work, McCord studied under
Mac O’Grady, a legendary guru of the game. After two years of study he
emerged with knowledge, confidence, and an improved golf game.

Gary’s own golf really came together just as he began his career on the
Champions Tour after his 50th birthday. In 1999, his first full season on that
tour, he won two events — the Toshiba Senior Classic and the Ingersoll-Rand
Senior Tour Championship — to finish 17th on the official money list with
nearly $1,000,000 in prize money. Since then, he has continued to play well,
usually finishing in the top 30 on the money list while playing a limited schedule
of 10 to15 events per year.

When he isn’t broadcasting or playing golf, McCord keeps busy with myriad
other projects. He portrayed himself in and served as technical director for
the golf movie Tin Cup, starring Kevin Costner, Rene Russo, and Don Johnson.
He is also a writer. In addition to writing Golf For Dummies, he is the author of
a collection of essays about his life on tour, Just a Range Ball in a Box of Titleists.
His bestselling Golf For Dummies was released in DVD form in 2004.

McCord and his friend and CBS Sports colleague David Feherty are known
to millions of golf fans and gamers as the voices of EA Sports’ Tiger Woods
PGA Tour video games. McCord also instructs and consults with more than
20 PGA Tour players. Along with another friend and fellow CBS commentator,
Peter Kostis, he co-founded the Kostis/McCord Learning Center at Grayhawk
Golf Club in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Gary brings a sense of fun to everything he does and never takes himself too
seriously. He and his wife, Diane, share the “ups and downs” of a busy life
together at their homes in Scottsdale and Denver.

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