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Highland Fire

Offered in marriage by David of Scotland as a guise for peace and cursed by Aidan’s people for the sins of her father, Lìleas MacLaren is the one woman Aidan believes he is immune to. Alas, she is also the one woman who might bring the fierce chieftain to his knees.

Bukas Palad Music Ministry – Light from Light

BUKAS PALAD is a community of young people who compose, record, and perform original Filipino religious music. Since 1986, Bukas Palad has recorded 14 albums under the Jesuit Music Ministry of the Ateneo de Manila University and has performed in over a hundred solo concerts across the Philippines, Japan, Hong Kong, and the United States.

Very few of Bukas Palad’s members received formal musical training, but in its 24 years, Bukas Palad has grown to become an important force in Filipino music. Many of the most popular and well-loved praise songs in the Philippines were first sung and recorded by Bukas Palad. “Hindi Kita Malilimutan”, “Tanging Yaman”, “Sa ‘Yo Lamang”, “Anima Christi”, and “I Will Sing Forever” are but a few of the songs Bukas Palad has sung and spread over its 23 years.

Bukas Palad has produced well over a hundred original liturgical and inspirational songs composed by Fr. Manoling Francisco, S.J., Norman A. Agatep, Jandi I. Arboleda, and other Bukas Palad members. Bukas Palad continues to create new religious songs because the heart of Bukas Palad’s ministry is to give a voice to people’s most fervent prayers. Bukas Palad hopes to put music to the desires and hopes that dwell in human hearts.