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Wind Power for Dummies

The consumer guide to small-scale wind electricity production!

Maybe you’re not T. Boone Pickens, but you can build your own home-sized wind-power empire right in your back yard. Wind Power For Dummies supplies all the guidance you need to install and maintain a sustainable, cost-effective wind generator to power your home for decades to come.

This authoritative, plain-English guide walks you through every step of the process, from assessing your site and available wind sources to deciding whether wind power is the solution for you, from understanding the mechanics of wind power and locating a contractor to install your system to producing your own affordable and sustainable electricity.

Guides you step by step through process of selecting, installing, and operating a small-scale wind generator to power your home
Demystifies system configurations, terminology, and wind energy principles to help you speak the language of the pros
Helps assess and reduce your energy needs and decide whether wind power is right for you
Explains the mechanics of home-based wind power
Shows you how to tie into the grid and sell energy back to the power company
Offers advice on evaluating all of the costs of and financing for your project
Provides tips on working with contractors and complying with local zoning laws

Yes, you can do it, with a little help from Wind Power For Dummies.

Build Your Own Small Wind Power System – Shea, Kevin

Welcome to a book about installing a small wind turbine system. Before we try to entice you with the world of wind through stories, mathematics, physics, price tags, laws, and the wrenches thrown into your machine that complicate things, let us say that with this book we hope to give you a good foundation for installing, or having someone install, a wind turbine. We want you to reach the turbine’s top. This book is for you to not only understand wind from abstract text and photos, but will get you in the field, exploring, finding, and harnessing your own wind. Although no book is a substitute for hands-on training, we hope to get you started on the process.

Kevin’s “Ship Bedroom,” one of several themed spaces inside the Long Island Green Dome. Others include the Paleolithic Bathroom (complete with cave wall shower), the Atlantis Bathroom, and the Noah’s Ark Bedroom. Kevin Shea.

Fundamental Analysis for Dummies

How to determine the true strength and stability of any business

What’s the key to multibillionaire Warren Buffett’s five-decade run as the most successful investor in history? Fundamental analysis. Now, Fundamental Analysis For Dummies puts this tried and true method for gauging any company’s true underlying value into sensible and handy step-by-step instructions..

In this easy-to-understand, practical, and savvy guide you’ll discover why this powerful tool is particularly important to investors in times of economic downturn and how it helps you assess a business’s overall financial performance by using historical and present data to forecast its future monetary value. You’ll also learn how to use fundamental analysis to spot bargains in the market, minimize your risk, and improve your overall investment skills.

Shows how to predict the future value of a business based on its current and historical financial data
Helps you guage a company’s performance against its competitors
Covers evaluation of internal management
Reveals how to determine if in a company’s credit standing is any jeopardy
Applies fundamental analysis to other investment vehicles, including currency, bonds, and commodities
Matt Krantz is a writer and reporter for USA TODAY and USATODAY.COM where he covers investments and financial markets

Read Fundamental Analysis For Dummies and find the bargains that could make you the next Warren Buffett!