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Victory Worship – Shelter – 2018 ALBUM

The Victory Band emerged from its church, Victory Temple Praise and Worship Team. Headed by its Senior Pastor, Pastor Franco S. Trigo, the team begun its ministries by the year 1999, when on one of the church services, the team got a Prophetic Word from one of the guest speakers. The prophecy was foretelling that the team would go to different places in Visayas and Mindanao leading praise and worship in churches and bringing Revival through worship.

The Victory band members was originally composed of Jonathan S. Trigo, the band leader and main composer, along with other composer/ vocalists namely, Japhet S. Torredes, Edna S. Gablines, Ramon Andrew R. Fabio. The instrumentalists composed of Felix Oliver Bacareza on the lead guitars, Don Eric Tunacao on rhythm guitars, Alexander Sacay on the bass guitars, Mark Ian M. Muyco on the drums, and Jonathan Trigo himself, on the keyboards. The other vocalists include Sarah Jean T. Cacho, Johnson Anday and Easter Sunday P. Muyco and Melody Faith T. Tunacao. Mr. Martin S. Bueno, managed the band’s outside-church activities and became also the band’s spiritual mentor, alongside Ptr. Franco S. Trigo, the band’s head pastor.

Most of the worship songs were composed by Jonathan Trigo. He had already compiled most of the songs and was already used in Worship Services in most of the churches,before they were formally recorded. By the year 2011, the band started recording the first Album, AwitsaGugma, after 11 years from its original composition and was released by 2012. The hit single AwitsaGugma, was originally arranged by Jonathan Trigo, together with Christopher Vonn B. Cornelio, Jovanie Amada and John Lloyd Basilad. The song’s message of God’s love touched thousands of peopleand was sung during Church Worships and even revival crusades. Most of the songs are in Cebuano language and can be easily adapted by different churches.

Up to date, Victory Band had already released four major Albums namely, AwitsaGugma (2012), DiliMakawang (2013), Hangtud May Kinabuhi (2014) and Handumonko (2016). In years, the band also did collaborations with different composers, church with the song, Ikaw Hesus, and Jhay Cutamora of church with the song, Bag-ong Kasingkasing all included in the 4th album, HandumonKo. The songs were deeply anointed by God that it reached different churches in different places in Visayas and Mindanao, bringing its prophecy to fulfilment.

Indeed, Victory Band has expanded with the welcoming of new band members, Lloyd Catipay on vocals and Christopher Vonn B. Cornelio on rhythm guitars. The band also welcomed Dexter Malaran, a professional photographer to make documentations for the band’s outside-church activities.

In the fulfilment of God’s Word for the band, through sponsor churches, has done Concert Crusades and was being invited to Worship conferences and Revival meetings. The first was done on February 22, 2013 at Bohol Cultural Center, Tagbilaran City. The said event was attended by all sects and denominations, of all ages, filling the venue and worshipping Jesus together. Blessed by the worship event, the people gave a good feedback and promptedother churches and groups to sponsor the band’s next events.

Greyhoundz – Splintr Unplugged; Greyhoundz Live – 2010 ALBUM

Greyhoundz is a Filipino nu metal/rap metal band formed in the late 1990s which gained international recognition and is currently based in Manila, Philippines.

Greyhoundz was formed in 1997 by cousins Niño and Audie Avenido who at first just wanted to join a local battle of the bands contest together with other bandmates that included Allen Cudal. The contest was canceled so they opted to audition at the now defunct Club DREDD that was based in Manila.

They later recruited Reg Rubio, who was from another band that also played at Club Dredd and TJ Brillantes came on board shortly after.

On May 6, 2004, Allen Cudal died from a car accident. The 2004 Pulp SummerSlam was the last time the band performed with their complete line up.

Despite the tragic event and as a sign of respect for their late bandmate, the group now performs as a four-piece band instead of hiring a new member.

Imago – Take 2 – 2004 ALBUM

“We are phrases less spoken,
Abbreviated most of the time…”

These are the lines that always stay in my mind every time I listen to Imago’s first track “freefall”, which is also currently played on air today (NU107.5). It defines people as “taken for granted; wallflower, outcast of society”. Such profound words can only be heard in one of the most influential bands of our generation, Imago.

Maybe you’re wondering, what does “Imago” mean?

According to dictionaries, scientifically speaking, “imago” is an insect in its mature adult stage after metamorphosis. In psychology, “imago” is the Latin word for “image”. But for me, Imago is simply a band you can’t ignore.

The band was exposed in 2001 in their debut album “Probably Not, But Most Definitely” under Viva Records. The band members were Aia de Leon (vocals/rhythms), Zach Lucero (drums), Tim Cacho (lead), and Arvin Gatmaitan (bass). Their tribal-mantra-alternative-rock package doesn’t sound like any band I know. The distinct music of Imago is evident in this album. Every time you listen to each track, you feel like you’re in another dimension. Or if you’re listening to some of its tracks like “Bathala” or “Laya”, you feel like you’re in touch with mother earth. Some of their most popular tracks are “Rainsong” (which was also used in the movie “Tatarin”), an ala-tribal song with undecipherable lyrics, “Otherwise”. A feel-good melody and a profound message to boot (“…and on the fulcrum we stand on, we aim for a better view/but then you trip over faultlines of which you never knew/then you start to mail all of the blame/find it on your backdoor next day…”), and “Idlip”, which showcases the tremendous belting of Aia’s ala-Tori Amos/Bjork. It was also Aia who made the album’s lyrics, thanks to her incredible poetic songwriting skill. Their first album was not that successful, despite also of their lack of exposure.

But in 2004, Imago had a big comeback with their new carrier single “Akap” on their new released album “Take 2!”, which was also their independent album under an independent company, Thirdline Inc. in addition of their comeback, the band officially welcomed their new member Myrene Academia as their new bassist, which is also the bassist for Sandwich. The album, produced by Varispeed Productions (a production company of Raymund Marasigan and Buddy Zabala of Eraserheads) and was mastered at Tweak Studio owned y Zach Lucero, is a testament that there is much room for indies – those with raw talent at least – in the Philippine music scene. This album, however, is much different from their first album. “Unbridled” is the best word to describe the overall tune of it. They became experimental to some tracks, which was mixed upwith some rap upbeat like “Reset” and “Gratitude”, but some tracks remained as alternative as ever, without that ethnic beat they used to do in their first one. Some popular tracks include “Freefall”’ “Taning”, and “Anino”.

Aia’s lyrics are still as pensive and poetic as she did on their first album. Tim’s riffs are sharp, underscoring the band’s raw rock influences. Zach still got that beat, and new member Myrene provides the heart-pounding bass. In general, Imago flaunts a familiar sound in this album, with fresh influences that give it modern – even an electronic – twist.

The verdict: want something mellow but no too emotional? Then their first album is a must-buy. You can request for it at Tower records. But if you want something playful, grab a copy of their second album, which has also some bonus remix tracks.