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Industrial Chocolate Manufacture And Use

Since the third edition of this standard work in 1999, there has been a significant increase in the amount of chocolate manufactured worldwide.

The fourth edition of Industrial Chocolate Manufacture and Use provides up-to-date coverage of all major aspects of chocolate manufacture and use, from the growing of cocoa beans to the packaging and marketing of the end product.
Retaining the important and well-received key features of the previous edition, the fourth edition also contains completely new chapters covering chocolate crumb, cold forming technologies, intellectual property, and nutrition. Furthermore, taking account of significant changes and trends within the chocolate industry, much new information is incorporated, particularly within such chapters as those covering the chemistry of flavour development, chocolate flow properties, chocolate packaging, and chocolate marketing.
This fully revised and expanded new edition is an essential purchase for all those involved in the manufacture and use of chocolate.

Industrial Color Testing 2nd Edition

All color phenomena that we can observe in coatings have their origin in the interaction between the coating material and visible light. This interaction produces absorption and scattering, which in practice determine the optical behavior of materials. This book is a complete treatment focusing on theoretical and practical aspects of testing pigments, dyes, and pigmented and dyed coatings. It provides basic knowledge for newcomers in the field and serves as a reference work for experts, answering questions arising in the production, processing and application of coloring materials in binders.

‘… it is the best advanced book available on color science as it applies to coatings. The book is recommended to all those who need to understand and control color.’
Gordon Bierwagen, Progress in Organic Coatings
‘This is a beautifully crafted book that treats the subject of testing pigments for coatings in a complete and logical fashion. … The thorough coverage of the subject recommends the book to anyone who might be even remotely interested in the subject …’
Frederick T. Simon’… it is the only book of its kind, and should be of great value to scientists producing colorants and technicians using them …’
Fred W. Billmeyer Jr., Color Research and Application
‘For producers, processors and users of coloring agents, pigmented and dyed materials who need accurate information at their fingertips, Völz and his reference work leave no questions unanswered.’
J. Wolters, Kunstoffe

Industrial/Chemical Process Design

This book is a true engineer’s toolkit, providing the solutions to some of the most complex problems in Chemical process design: sizing equipment, estimating cost for modular packages and performing such operations as liquid-liquid extraction and gas in liquid separation vessel sizing and rating. Complex operations and formulas are presented and explained in an easy-to-understand format. Industrial/Chemical Process Design provides a step by step tutorial for authoring tailor made Visual Basic programs.

Scottish History For Dummies

Explore the fascinating history of Scotland in an easy-to-read guide
Want to discover how a small country on the edge of Northern Europe packs an almighty historical punch? Scottish History For Dummies is your guide to the story of Scotland and its place within the historical narratives of Britain, Europe and the rest of the world. You’ll find out how Scotland rose from the ashes to forge its own destiny, understand the impact of Scottish historical figures such as William Wallace, Robert the Bruce and David Hume and be introduced to the wonderful world of Celtic religion, architecture and monuments.

History can help us make connections with people and events, and it gives us an understanding of why the world is like it is today. Scottish History For Dummies pulls back the curtain on how the story of Scotland has shaped the world far beyond its borders. From its turbulent past to the present day, this informative guide sheds a new and timely light on the story of Scotland and its people.

Dig into a wealth of fascinating facts on the Stone, Bronze and Iron ages
Get to know how Scotland was built into an industrial economy by inventors, explorers and missionaries
Discover the impact of the world wars on Scotland and how the country has responded to challenges created by them
Find up-to-the-minute information on Scotland’s referendum on independence

If you’re a lifelong learner looking for a fun, factual exploration of the grand scope of Scotland or a traveler wanting to make the most of your trip to this captivating country, Scottish History For Dummies has you covered.

Semantic Web For Dummies

Semantic Web technology is already changing how we interact with data on the Web. By connecting random information on the Internet in new ways, Web 3.0, as it is sometimes called, represents an exciting online evolution.
Whether you’re a consumer doing research online, a business owner who wants to offer your customers the most useful Web site, or an IT manager eager to understand Semantic Web solutions, Semantic Web For Dummies is the place to start! It will help you:

Know how the typical Internet user will recognize the effects of the Semantic Web
Explore all the benefits the data Web offers to businesses and decide whether it’s right for your business
Make sense of the technology and identify applications for it
See how the Semantic Web is about data while the “old” Internet was about documents
Tour the architectures, strategies, and standards involved in Semantic Web technology
Learn a bit about the languages that make it all work: Resource Description Framework (RDF) and Web Ontology Language (OWL)
Discover the variety of information-based jobs that could become available in a data-driven economy

You’ll also find a quick primer on tech specifications, some key priorities for CIOs, and tools to help you sort the hype from the reality. There are case studies of early Semantic Web successes and a list of common myths you may encounter. Whether you’re incorporating the Semantic Web in the workplace or using it at home, Semantic Web For Dummies will help you define, develop, implement, and use Web 3.0.