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Applied pharmaceutical practice 1st edition

Applied Pharmaceutical Practice guides the student pharmacist and pharmacy technician through the steps involved in pharmaceutical dispensing. It is ideal as a companion to the compulsory dispensing courses found in all undergraduate MPharm programmes and the equivalent technical training courses.

Contents include:
medicines classification and standard operating procedures
NHS supply in the community and within hospitals
non-NHS supply
controlled drugs
emergency supply
patient counselling and communication
poisons and spirits
This practical textbook contains useful exercises with an answers section and numerous examples. It is written by authors with extensive experience within the field.

Business Etiquette for Dummies 2nd Edition

Make no mistake, etiquette is as important in business as it is in everyday life ― it’s also a lot more complicated. From email and phone communications to personal interviews to adapting to corporate and international cultural differences, Business Etiquette For Dummies, 2nd Edition, keeps you on your best behavior in any business situation.
This friendly, authoritative guide shows you how to develop good etiquette on the job and navigate today’s diverse and complex business environment with great success. You’ll get savvy tips for dressing the part, making polite conversation, minding your manners at meetings and meals, behaving at off-site events, handling ethical dilemmas, and conducting international business. You’ll find out how to behave gracefully during tense negotiations, improve your communication skills, and overcome all sorts of work-related challenges. Discover how to:

Make a great first impression
Meet and greet with ease
Be a good company representative
Practice proper online etiquette
Adapt to the changing rules of etiquette
Deal with difficult personalities without losing your cool
Become a well-mannered traveler
Develop good relationships with your peers, staff, and superiors
Give compliments and offer criticism
Respect physical, racial, ethnic, and gender differences at work
Learn the difference between “casual Friday” and sloppy Saturday
Develop cubicle courtesy
Avoid conversational faux pas

Business etiquette is as important to your success as doing your job well. Read Business Etiquette For Dummies, 2nd Edition, and make no mistake.

Small Scale Papermaking

To those interested in applying the Indian experience to their own
needs and circumstances, ITIS can offer guidance to suitable consultants
able to advise on the technical and economic factors surrounding the
introduction of the technology into each country. If required, certain
consultants can also assist in the purchase and commissioning of plant.
Since the publication of the first edition of this book in 1979, a
number of technical developments having potential in the small-scale field
have emerged. In the second edition a number of new processes were outlined
in a Technical Postscript which is repeated here. Also included in this edition
are detailed case studies of operational mills ranging in size from
1 to 30 tonnes/day. These were previously published separately and are
referred to in the text.
The attention of the reader is drawn to the fact that the costs given
throughout this book are based on data collected in 1979. The Indian
High Commission in London gives the official inflation rate in India
as less than 5% for each year since that time and prices quoted
should be adjusted accordingly.

PCs All-In-One Desk Reference For Dummies 3rd Edition

Your one-stop guide to a long and happy relationship with your PC
Mark Chambers doesn’t believe computers are supposed to be complicated, and this book proves it. Here you’ll find the straightforward scoop on using and enjoying your PC, whether it’s your first one or your fifth. From using Microsoft Works and getting online to digital multimedia, problem-solving, and network security, it’s all at your fingertips!

Discover how to:

Use the different ports on your PC
Troubleshoot Windows XP
Listen to Internet radio
Use Microsoft Works and Office 2003
Make movies and DVDs
Set up and secure a network