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The Way Things Should Be

With long-standing family issues settled in the previous novel, Strength of the Heart, Lex and Amanda thought their biggest problems were behind them. But they were wrong. Trouble brews when two family members – one known, one unknown – come into contact with Lex and Amanda, and suspicious things start to happen. Someone wants to force Lex to give up land she recently purchased. An explosion is set off by unknown people down by the creek. Somehow, finances thought safe have been tampered with. Meanwhile, Amanda’s sister Jeannie prepares for the birth of her first child, while Amanda feels her own biological clock ticking.

The Best Defense

Business and pleasure don’t mix, especially when the business is murder.
When Aimee Howard, successful boutique real estate broker and socialite, is visited by a team of federal agents looking to arrest her wayward niece, she hires the best defense money can buy. But Aimee begins to question her confidence in the law firm when she learns they’ve hired a disgraced former police detective to take the lead.Homicide detective Skye Keaton’s shorcuts in the name of justice have finally tipped the scales in the wrong direction. She’s lost her job, her pride, and the respect of her family and friends. When an old friend trusts her with a simple task—find a young woman in hiding—she’s happy to have the work even though the client is a bossy former debutante who wants to micromanage her every move.Skye reluctantly decides to let Aimee close to the investigation so she can manage Aimee’s expectations, but their professional proximity quickly takes a turn toward passion. Despite their best defenses, as they work together to regain what they’ve lost, both women find the magnetic attraction that develops between them hard to resist.

Strength of the Heart

Lex and Amanda are caught up in the planning of their upcoming nuptials while trying to get the ranch house rebuilt so they can move back to their home. But an arrest, a brushfire, and the death of someone close to her forces Lex to try and work through feelings of guilt and anger. Is Amanda’s love strong enough to help her, or will Lex’s own personal demons tear them apart?

Everyone knows true love is just a fantasy…right? Mackenzie Lewis friends think she is destined to grow old alone, because even though she is a successful business woman, fun to be with, and great looking, the only women she meets are the ones in the romance novels she devours or while tagging along on dates with her best friend Jordan. Mac wants the kind of love she reads about and that her parents storybook love proves exists, and she intends to wait for it. Mac s best friend Dr. Jordan Wagner, a successful, gorgeous plastic surgeon, has encountered lots of women and she has enjoyed every one. She is not interested in growing old with any of them, though, and her past losses only confirm her choice is the right one. At the first sign of commitment, she is on to the next. On a dare from their pals, Mac and Jordan decide to look for matches on the Internet. As they wind their way through the Web, seemingly looking for completely different things, both women discover true love is far different than they imagined. Ultimately, Mac and Jordan discover truelesbianlove is closer than a click away

Under The Southern Cross

Two women, from different continents, with different values, collide with spectacular results. American Lee Paynter has built her small travel agency into an international tour company. Brash, openly lesbian, her great love is her business. Alexandra Findlay is pursuing a career in Australian tourism with quiet focus and determination. Now Alex has been assigned to accompany Lee on on her visit Down Under. Suddenly Alex’s quiet life explodes…And Lee is challenged by a woman unlike any she has ever known