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Julianne – Grateful

Julianne Tarroja , sometimes professionally billed as Julianne, is a Filipina singer-songwriter. She released her first album, Grateful, in 2007. She won the awards for Best Performance by a Female Recording Artist (for “Tulak ng Bibig”) and Best Performance by a New Female Recording Artist (for “Grateful”) at the 21st Awit Awards in 2008. At the 27th Awit Awards in 2014, she shared the award for Best World Music Recording with Sitti for their recording of “Pansamantagal”.

#005 – Ashes and Dust

Conan’s first Hyperborean adventure reveals the secrets of immortality, and the peaceful northern paradise is shown for the nightmare it really is. Conan breaks from those who’ve enslaved him, but is unable to save the lives of the prisoners he leads, or the woman he’s fallen in love with.

Robert E. Howard hinted at the terrors that his character Conan suffered in Hyperborea, but Busiek and company reveal the adventure here for the first time in vivid detail.

• Cary Nord is also known for his work for Marvel on Daredevil and Mutant X.

• Kurt Busiek says “There are everything from ape-men to albino giants to giant spiders to giant snakes.” Just take ‘giant’ and put a deadly animal behind it.”
—Wizard Magazine #148