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Microreactors In Organic Synthesis And Catalysis

This one-stop reference is the first book on this emerging and rapid developing field with a focus on synthesis and catalysis. As such, it covers all aspects from academia and industry in a clearly structured way. Leading experts provide the background information as an initial aid for newcomers to the field, while chapters on different reaction types and industrial applications make this an equally vital resource for specialists.

Colloidal Polymers: Synthesis and Characterization

Amidst developments in nanotechnology and successes in catalytic emulsion polymerization of olefins, polymerization in dispersed media is arousing an increasing interest from both practical and fundamental points of view. This text describes ultramodern approaches to synthesis, preparation, characterization, and functionalization of latexes, nanoparticles, and numerous additional colloidal polymer systems. In chapters contributed by leading international researchers, it communicates critical parameters for method selection, presents guidelines for controlling structural and colloid properties, presents recent results and information on polymer colloids, and describes other tools to assist in the production of desirable outcomes.

Fundamentals Of High-Frequency Cmos Analog Integrated Circuits

With a design-centric approach, this textbook bridges the gap between fundamental analog electronic circuit textbooks and more advanced RF IC design texts. The major issues that must be taken into account when combining analog and digital circuit building blocks are covered, together with the key criteria and parameters that are used to describe system-level performance. Simple circuit models enable a robust understanding of high-frequency design fundamentals, and SPICE simulations are used to check results and fine-tune the design. With solved design examples to guide the reader through the decision process that accompanies each design task, this is an ideal textbook for senior undergraduate and graduate courses in RF CMOS circuits, RF circuit design, and high-frequency analog circuit design. Analog integrated circuit designers and RF circuit designers in industry who need help making design choices will also find this a practical and valuable reference.

Chemistry Of Nanocrystalline Oxide Materials Combustion Synthesis Properties And Applications

Nano-oxide materials lend themselves to applications in a wide variety of emerging technological fields such as microelectronics, catalysts, ceramics, coatings, and energy storage. However, developing new routes for making nano-based materials is a challenging area for solid-state materials chemists. This book does just that by describing a novel method for preparing them. The authors have developed a novel low-temperature, self-propagating synthetic route to nano-oxides by the solution combustion and combustible precursor processes. This method provides the desired composition, structure, and properties for many types of technologically useful nanocrystalline oxide materials like alumina, ceria, iron oxides, titania, yttria, and zirconia, among others.The book is particularly instructive in bringing readers one step closer to the exploration of nanomaterials. Students of nanoscience can acquaint themselves with the actual production and evaluation of nanopowders by this route, while academic researchers and industrial scientists will find answers to a host of questions on nano-oxides. The book also provides an impetus for scientists in industrial research to evaluate and explore new ways to scale up the production of nanomaterials, offering helpful suggestions for further research.