Linux For Dummies 8th Edition

From the Back Cover
Everything you need to install, run, and optimize Linux on your desktop
Here’s how to start using Linux, the popular and free operating system

Want to do the same tasks you can with Windows, except for free? Linux is the alternative open source operating system that’s beloved by users in the know. This newly updated guide gives you just what you need to get started with Linux — plain-English explanations, savvy tips and advice, and, best of all, the full Fedora Core installation on DVD!

Understand core Linux tasks
– Use for common functions
– Manage and play multimedia
– Make your Linux box more secure
– Use Linux and Windows together

About the Authors
Dee-Ann LeBlanc, RHCE (Red Hat Certified Engineer), is a writer, course
developer, journalist, and trainer who specializes in Linux. Although these
various professions may sound scattered, they in fact reinforce one another
by allowing her to see what people are doing with Linux in the real world and
where they need help. In the past, she has been the Linux Games editor for
the Linux Journal, the Desktop editor for, and has written
and held positions with a number of other Linux and technology publications
such as Computer Power User magazine. She has also written numerous books about Linux. Today, she is the SplunkBase Knowledge Manager for Splunk (, an IT search company. It is her job to build a community around SplunkBase ( that fills this IT troubleshooting resource with world-class content.

When Dee-Ann isn’t managing, teaching, developing course materials, writing
technical nonfiction, writing fantasy and science fiction, interviewing interesting people, chatting about Linux online or at conferences, or trying in one way or another to save the world, she hikes with her dogs and tries out new recipes on her husband Rob. See what Dee-Ann is up to and join her readers’ mailing list at and com/. (Contact Dee-Ann at

Richard Blum has worked in the IT industry for more than 20 years as a network and systems administrator. During that time, he’s had the opportunity to work with lots of different computer products, including Windows, Netware, Cisco, Avaya, different flavors of UNIX, and of course, Linux. Over the years, he’s also volunteered for several non-profit organizations to help support small networks that had little financial support. Rich is the author of several Linux-based books for total Linux geeks, and a couple of Windows-based books for programmers.

When he’s not being a computer nerd, Rich plays the electric bass in a
church worship band, and enjoys spending time with his wife, Barbara,
and their two daughters, Katie Jane and Jessica.

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Linux For Dummies 7th Edition

Thinking about switching to Linux but find the prospect too daunting? Many people think it takes years of practice to become a Linux user. Actually, only takes a few tries to become fluent in the system and take advantage of all of its capabilities!
Linux For Dummies, 7th Edition shows you the ins and outs that you need to master in order to build a smoothly functioning Linux system—and gives you the know-how and confidence to use it. This easy-to-read guide walks you through installation, using tools, securing systems, and more. Providing a general overview of the program as well as basic instructions, you’ll have the tools you need to:

– Install and configure Linux
– Connect to the internet
– Browse the Web with Firefox
– Manipulate files and directories
– Understand and use the Linux filesystem
– Download and install software to Linux
– Choose a secure password
– Work without the GUI
– View and edit text files
– Take full advantage of
– Control and use your multimedia

Packed with troubleshooting tips and steps for recovering data with Knoppix, along with a bonus DVD that includes full Fedora Core and Knoppix distributions and ISO images of Linspire, Five-O, SUSE Xandros, ad Mandriva, Linux For Dummies, 7th Edition is the authoritative reference to this classic system!

Linux For Dummies 6th Edition

Previous editions of Linux For Dummies have garnered rave reviews. However, there’s one scary term applied to them—outdated! The 6th Edition remedies that with easy-to-understand information on the latest version of the most popular Linux distributions, including Fedora Core, SuSE, Mandrake, Xandros, Linspire, and Knoppix. This guide walks you though installing, configuring, tuning, and using each version of Linux, the low-cost, secure alternative to expensive operating systems. You’ll discover how to:
– Prep your computer for Linux
– Boot and stop Linux
– Connect to the Internet, e-mail, surf the Web, and access and use cool Internet tools
– Manage files and directories
– Do word processing and more with Open
– Updated material includes:
– Info on the wireless Internet connection
– Coverage of the new SELinux infrastructure, an important new security feature
– Updated GNOME and KDE coverage

Written by Dee-Ann LeBlanc, award-winning author of numerous books and articles and author or coauthor of the popular previous editions of Linux For Dummies, this edition not only guides you step by step, it also includes an appendix of common Linux commands and a comprehensive index so you can find what you need to know without taking extra steps.

The bonus DVD includes:
– The full, installable version of Fedora Core 3 and Knoppix
– ISO images (that will save hours of downloading time) for SUSE live, Mandrake full version, Xandros Open Circulation version, and Linspire full version

If you want to explore the different distributions of Linux, this is the guide for you!

Linux for Dummies 9th Edition

One of the fastest ways to learn Linux is with this perennial favorite
Eight previous top-selling editions of Linux For Dummies can’t be wrong. If you’ve been wanting to migrate to Linux, this book is the best way to get there. Written in easy-to-follow, everyday terms, Linux For Dummies 9th Edition gets you started by concentrating on two distributions of Linux that beginners love: the Ubuntu LiveCD distribution and the gOS Linux distribution, which comes pre-installed on Everex computers.

The book also covers the full Fedora distribution.

Linux is an open-source operating system and a low-cost or free alternative to Microsoft Windows; of numerous distributions of Linux, this book covers Ubuntu Linux, Fedora Core Linux, and gOS Linux, and includes them on the DVD.
Install new open source software via Synaptic or RPM package managers
Use free software to browse the Web, listen to music, read e-mail, edit photos, and even run Windows in a virtualized environment
Get acquainted with the Linux command line

If you want to get a solid foundation in Linux, this popular, accessible book is for you.

SUSE Linux 9 3 for Dummies

This easy-to-understand book for beginning SUSE Linux users starts off with step-by-step installation instructions and a discussion of what happens when the system is started for the first timeExplains how to use SUSE on the desktop, work with the file manager, connect to the Internet, and set up a home networkTopics addressed include performing everyday tasks, such as browsing the Web; reading e-mail and newsgroups; and using the office productivity suite and multimedia applicationsOffers details on basic system administration and security and shows how to add new software and keep the system up to date with YaST (Yet another Setup Tool) and YaST Online Update (YOU)The DVD contains SUSE 9.3 Special Edition

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 For Dummies

– Provides just what administrators need to configure, manage, maintain, and upgrade a Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) system
– Red Hat is the most popular Linux distribution, with 70 percent of the U.S. market; RHEL subscriptions climbed to 87,000 during the quarter ending February 2004-up 85 percent
-Covers all four RHEL versions-Desktop, Workstation, Enterprise Server, and Application Server
– Delivers the lowdown on the X Window System, printer configuration, Samba, Internet server set up, administration of users and groups, backups and file restoration, and security