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Looking Within: How X-Ray, CT, MRI, Ultrasound, and Other Medical Images Are Created, and How They Help Physicians Save Lives

A hundred years ago, a doctor had no way to look within the body of a patient other than to slice it open. That changed radically at the turn of the century, with the discovery of X-rays. X-ray and other forms of diagnostic imaging technology developed slowly but steadily from then until the 1970s, at which point a revolution occurred. Made possible largely by the availability of powerful but inexpensive computers, the rapid and widespread adoption of computed tomography (CT) and, a decade later, of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) greatly expanded the power of clinical imaging, and even changed the ways in which physicians view and think about the human body.

This unique guide explains how the principal imaging devices work and how they help physicians save lives. It gives readers a grasp of the major medical technologies that might come to play important roles in their lives, and it provides succinct, easy-to-understand, and reliable explanations for those who wish to explore the issues of the associated benefits, costs, and risks in an informed manner. In nonspecialized language, Looking Within discusses how X-ray, fluoroscopic, CT, MRI, positron emission tomography (PET), ultrasound, and other medical pictures are created, and explores the essential roles they play in the diagnosis and treatment of patients. It should be of interest to patients and their friends and loved ones, and to those who are simply curious about this vitally important, exciting, and cutting-edge branch of medicine. Its brief but clear descriptions of how these essential tools work should also be of value to health care providers in supporting and educating their patients.

Loonie – The Ones Who Never Made It

Loonie’s album is packed with thought, momentum, story, depth and relevance all punctuated with rhymes and delivery you have never heard before in any OPM hip-hop act. This is Loonie’s debut album which was released on 2009 independently.

Loonie’s album is packed with thought, momentum, story, depth and relevance all punctuated with rhymes and delivery you have never heard before in ANY OPM HIPHOP ACT. The INTRO alone sets up the two sided thought process behind the album title. Songs like The Bobo Song, Quinta, Walang Babala are easy favorites. The guests artists and MC’s in this album where well picked. Hi C, Dice, Konflick, Tuff, Gloc 9, Rhyxodus, God’s Will, Mike Kosa, JSkeelz, Toney Chrome, Nimbusnine, Mikkeraphone, Ron Henley and Klumcee trade bars with Loonie throughout the album in a careful balance of brilliance and integrity. Soundscapes provided by monster producers The Beatmonx – doing most of the beats; CH and Jaytek. It won’t be a Loonie album if it didn’t stir up jokes and controversy. From calling out other local MC’s on songs to an MC Battle skit to that recorded phone call from an irate woman.

This album is the closest I’ve heard to a true depiction to our strength, struggles and reflection as new age hiphop artists in Pinas. There are alot of gems in this album, I dare you not to like it, really I dare you. This album is brought to you by 6000 Goonz, Clay Shop, 10th St. Manila, WeLegendary x SPECKS and WIPCAPS.