MacBook For Dummies

From the Back Cover
Work with networks, share access, troubleshoot, and more
Enjoy music and videos, cruise the Web, and even do some work — from anywhere!

Not only can your MacBook do everything a desktop computer can, it can do some things better! Find out how to use the cool iLife applications, like iPhoto, iMovie, and iTunes, plus gobs of other software that comes with your Mac. Connect to a network, get online, and don’t miss Mark’s should-be-patented troubleshooting guide!

Discover how to
-Set up and personalize your laptop
– Import stuff from your old computer
– Search with Spotlight and Sherlock
– Open a .Mac account
– Create with the iLife suite
– Add wireless devices

About the Author
Mark L. Chambers has been an author, computer consultant, BBS sysop, programmer, and hardware technician for more than 20 years — pushing computers and their uses far beyond “normal” performance limits for decades now. His first love affair with a computer peripheral blossomed in 1984 when he bought his lightning-fast 300 BPS modem for his Atari 400. Now he spends entirely too much time on the Internet and drinks far too much caffeine-laden soda.

With a degree in journalism and creative writing from Louisiana State
University, Mark took the logical career choice: programming computers.
After five years as a COBOL programmer for a hospital system, however, he
decided there must be a better way to earn a living — and he became the
Documentation Manager for Datastorm Technologies, a well-known communications software developer. Somewhere in between designing and writing software manuals, Mark began writing computer how-to books. His first book, Running a Perfect BBS, was published in 1994 — and after a short decade or so of fun (disguised as hard work), Mark is one of the most productive and best-selling technology authors on the planet.

Along with writing several books a year and editing whatever his publishers
throw at him, Mark has also branched out into Web-based education, designing and teaching a number of online classes — called WebClinics — for

His favorite pastimes include collecting gargoyles, watching St. Louis
Cardinals baseball, playing his three pinball machines and the latest computer games, supercharging computers, and rendering 3-D flights of fancy with TrueSpace — and during all that, he listens to just about every type of music imaginable. Mark’s worldwide Internet radio station, MLC Radio (at, plays only CD-quality classics from 1970 to 1979,
including everything from Rush to Billy Joel to the Rocky Horror Picture

Mark’s rapidly expanding list of books includes iMac For Dummies, 4th
Edition; Mac OS X Tiger All-In-One Desk Reference For Dummies; Building a PC For Dummies, 5th Edition; Scanners For Dummies, 2nd Edition; CD & DVD
Recording For Dummies, 2nd Edition; PCs All-In-One Desk Reference For
Dummies, 2nd Edition; Mac OS X Tiger: Top 100 Simplified Tips & Tricks;
Microsoft Office v. X Power User’s Guide; BURN IT! Creating Your Own Great
DVDs and CDs; The Hewlett-Packard Official Printer Handbook; The Hewlett-
Packard Official Recordable CD Handbook; The Hewlett-Packard Official Digital Photography Handbook; Computer Gamer’s Bible; Recordable CD Bible; Teach

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PCs All-In-One Desk Reference For Dummies 3rd Edition

Your one-stop guide to a long and happy relationship with your PC
Mark Chambers doesn’t believe computers are supposed to be complicated, and this book proves it. Here you’ll find the straightforward scoop on using and enjoying your PC, whether it’s your first one or your fifth. From using Microsoft Works and getting online to digital multimedia, problem-solving, and network security, it’s all at your fingertips!

Discover how to:

Use the different ports on your PC
Troubleshoot Windows XP
Listen to Internet radio
Use Microsoft Works and Office 2003
Make movies and DVDs
Set up and secure a network

Mac OS X Tiger All-in-One Desk Reference for Dummies

Mac OS X Tiger is the sum of its parts, and there are a lot of them. What could be easier than to have a handy minibook covering each one, ready to answer your every question?
If you’re venturing into the Mac world for the first time, you’ve chosen a great time to make the move. And if you’re switching to Tiger from an earlier Mac OS, you’ll be eager to get going as quickly as possible. Either way, you’ll love the convenience of Mac OS X Tiger All-In-One Desk Reference For Dummies.

You’ll find sections devoted to

Basic Mac OS X
Customizing and sharing your Mac
Mac’s digital hub—iTunes, iMovie, iPhoto, iDVD, QuickTime, and GarageBand
The Internet (AppleMail, iChat AV, iDisk, and more)
Networking, including Bluetooth, AppleTalk, and Airport Extreme
Expanding your system with cool hardware and software
Some advanced stuff, like hosting a Web site and building custom applications
Each self-contained chapter discusses a specific feature, application, connection, or cool thing about Mac OS X. You can start at the beginning, or dive right into the things you most want to explore. For example, you can

Discover how to find anything, anywhere on your system, with Spotlight

Set up a wireless network
Use iDisk to back up your important files
Edit or create your own DVDs, CDs, and movies
Keep in touch with others through the cool iChat AV application
Get step-by-step instructions that make using OS X Tiger as much fun—and as productive—as it’s meant to be

Because everything’s handy and neatly organized, you’ll find Mac OS X Tiger All-In-One Desk Reference For Dummies is the reference book you’ll want to keep right next to your Mac. You’ll refer to it many times over, and be glad you did!

Mac OS X Panther All-in-One Desk Reference for Dummies

7 books in 1 – your key to taming the Panther!

Your one-stop guide to setting up OS X and using the latest Panther features

Wow – a whole set of OS X guides under one cover! All the new stuff is here, like iChat AV, Fast User Switching, and all the iLife(TM) applications including iTunes??4, Expose, and the latest incarnations of the Finder(TM) and Apple Mail??. Customize your Panther, explore the digital hub, check into AirPort, and enjoy it all!

The Dummies Way

* Coverage of the essentials and beyond
* Explanations in plain English
* “Get in, get out” information
* Thumbtabs and other navigation aids
* Tear-out cheat sheet
* A dash of humor and fun

Discover how to:

* Navigate OS X and run programs
* Make repairs with Disk Utility
* Set up multiuser accounts
* Use iTunes and iPod(TM)
* Expand Internet storage with iDisk
* Upgrade your internal hard drive

MacBook for Dummies 2nd Edition

Got a new MacBook, MacBook Air, or MacBook Pro? Want the scoop on Mac laptop basics, using Mac OS X Leopard, networking a laptop, or connecting your laptop to wireless devices? There’s no better place to find what you need than MacBook For Dummies, 2nd Edition!
With your Mac laptop, you can take your movies, music, documents, e-mail, and Internet wherever the action is. MacBook For Dummies, 2nd Edition provides the lowdown on maintaining and upgrading your MacBook, customizing the Dock and desktop, traveling with a laptop, turning iPhoto into your portable darkroom, and much more.
Learn to:

Locate the battery compartment, iSight camera, ports, and “on” button
Move your existing files from an older computer
Use all the cool new features of Mac OS X Leopard
Work with iTunes, iMovie, iPhoto, iDVD, and GarageBand, all packaged with your MacBook
Identify the signs of a well-functioning laptop and check for trouble
Set up your Mac for multiple users
Explore the cool options available with a .Mac account and iDisk storage that lets you retrieve your files anywhere
Manage your digital music, photos, and movies
Use Bluetooth and get all your wireless devices communicating with each other

And if you’ve been considering switching from a PC to a Mac, MacBook For Dummies, 2nd Edition guides you through the process and even shows you how to run Windows on your Mac laptop. If there’s a MacBook in your future — or present — this is the book for you!

iMac for Dummies 6th Edition

The perennial bestselling iMac book is back—now updated and revised throughout!
If you’re eager to discover how to take advantage of the exciting possibilities that an iMac offers, then this is the book for you. From its speed, high performance, powerful operating system, and amazing applications, the iMac is an impeccable choice, and the fun, friendly, and approachable style of iMac For Dummies, 6th Edition is an ideal way to get started with the basics.

You’ll learn the fundamentals of the iMac including setting up and customizing your iMac and the software that comes with it, importing files from your old computer, sending and receiving e-mail, and more.

Boasts new content covering the latest iMac hardware, Mac OS X Snow Leopard, iLife ’09, iWork ’09, and coverage of the latest trends in the market
Walks you through storing and organizing digital photos, music, and video
Explains backing up your system with Time Machine
Delves into creating a multi-user iMac and connecting to a wireless network
Reviews troubleshooting tips and tricks
Shows you how to automate mundane tasks

With iMac For Dummies, 6th Edition, you’ll be able to proclaim, “iKnow” in no time!