Macs For Dummies 9th Edition

From the Back Cover
Release the power of your new Intel-based Mac!
Take an online Safari, see who you’re iChatting with, or pack a Mac laptop

Simply Mac-nificent — all the cool things your new Mac can do! This handy guide helps you make the most of every model. Find out how to use all the cool software that’s included, start a GarageBand, download music and video to iTunes, brush up on Bluetooth, and a whole lot more. The fun begins right here!

Discover how to
Set up and configure your Mac
Go wireless with AirPort
Stay in touch using iChat AV
Edit and share your digital photos
Create and capture podcasts
Troubleshoot problems and protect your Mac

About the Author
Edward C. Baig writes the weekly Personal Technology column in USA
TODAY and is co-host of the weekly USA TODAY’s Talking Tech with Ed Baig &
Jefferson Graham podcast.

Before joining the paper as a columnist and reporter in 1999, Ed spent six
years at Business Week, where he wrote and edited stories about consumer
tech, personal finance, collectibles, travel, and wine tasting. He received the
Medill School of Journalism 1999 Financial Writers and Editors Award for his
contributions to the “Business Week Investor Guide to Online Investing.” That
came after a three-year stint at U.S. News & World Report, where Ed was the
lead tech writer for the News You Can Use section but also dabbled in numerous
other topics. Ed fondly remembers putting together features on baseball
card investing, karaoke machines, and the odd things people collect, including
Pez dispensers, vintage radios, and “magic” memorabilia.

Ed began his journalistic career at Fortune, gaining the best basic training
imaginable during his early years as a fact checker and contributor to the
Fortune 500. Through the dozen years he worked at the magazine, Ed covered
leisure-time industries, penned features on the lucrative “dating” market
and the effect of religion on corporate managers, and was heavily involved in
the magazine’s Most Admired Companies project. Ed also started up
Fortune’s Products to Watch column, a venue for low- and high-tech items.

Ed has been passionate about gadgets and technology since buying his first
reel-to-reel tape recorder and shortwave radio as a boy. He has also purchased
8-track cartridge players (still in the attic somewhere) and the
Magnavox Odyssey video game console, a forerunner to PONG.

These days, when he’s not spending time with his family or at the keyboard
of his myriad computers, Ed can be found rooting for the New York Giants
and New York Mets, listening to music of all types, and watching movies.

He has a BA in Political Science from York College and an MBA from Adelphi

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Congratulations! The iPhone you just bought is one heck of a wireless telephone, complete with a capable 2-megapixel digital camera. But it’s way more than that: it’s also a gorgeous widescreen video iPod and the smallest, most powerful Internet communications device yet. So now that you’ve got it, what do you do with it? That’s where iPhone For Dummies comes in.
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iPhone For Dummies comes complete with tantalizing lists of awesome accessories, wonderful widgets, and fantastic things to wish for—once you finally stop gushing and drooling and playing with your sparkly, new iPhone long enough to wish for anything else!

Macs for Dummies 10th Edition

Whether you’re thinking of switching to a Macintosh computer, are looking into the latest Apple products, or have a Mac and want to learn about Mac OS X Leopard, then Macs For Dummies, 10th Edition will get you going. Here you’ll learn all about how to compare the different desktop and laptop models to choose your perfect match, make Mac OS X Leopard work your way, use the new iLife 2008 digital lifestyle applications, get online and connect to a wired or wireless network, and run Windows on your Mac so you can keep the Microsoft programs you need. You’ll also discover how to:
Navigate your way around the Mac interface and work with icons and folders
Best utilize OS X, work with the new Photo Booth, and manage clutter with Exposé and Spaces
Get connected, start a Web-browsing Safari, use e-mail and iChat, and shop online
Join .Mac and take advantage of iDisk backups, IMAP mail, and Web Gallery
Explore all that iTunes offers, process digital photos with iPhoto, make iMovies, and have fun with GarageBand
Use Windows on your Mac and transfer Windows files

It’s a perfect time to join the Mac generation, especially if you’re a Windows user who’s been thinking of defecting. Macs For Dummies, 10th Edition will get you there, helping you pick peripherals, download freebie programs, set up user accounts, implement security secrets, troubleshoot your Mac, and experience the iLife.

iPad For Dummies 8th Edition

Step up your iPad game!
iPad For Dummies, 8th Edition has been updated to reflect the latest functions and features of the beloved iPad product line. An approachable resource, this text covers everything you’ll need to know to operate your iPad with ease, including setting up your new iPad, using the multi-touch interface, synching your data, using iCloud, setting up your iTunes account, surfing the web, and accessing your email account. Additionally, this straightforward, yet fun book introduces you to Siri and walks you through texting with iMessage, using the App Store, getting rolling with FaceTime, watching videos, importing media, taking photos and videos, settling in with the latest bestseller on iBook, and using productivity tools, such as reminders, a calendar, contact database, and more, to keep your day on track.

Ultraportable and powerful, the latest iPad model is brimming with features and functions you’ll be eager to explore, and this full-color guide makes exploration a breeze!

Start your iPad experience off on the right foot by setting up your iPad to your preferences
Explore the multi-media experience on the iPad, including photos, videos, music, and more
Access key productivity tools to keep your day on track, such as the calendar, reminders, contact lists, etc.
Keep yourself entertained with downloads from iTunes, the App Store, iBook, and more

iPad For Dummies, 8th Edition is a great resource whether you’ve purchased your first iPad or have been an avid iPad supporter since the product’s initial launch and want to stay up to date on the features and functions of the latest model.

Macs All-in-One for Dummies 2nd Edition

Seven content-rich minibooks cover the key features and tools of your Mac

Macs are easy to use, but this guide helps you take advantage of all the cool features and make the most of your Mac. Fully updated, it covers the newest operating system, Mac OS X Snow Leopard, as well as iLife ’09, iWork ’09, and much more.

Minibooks include Mac Basics; Photos, Music, and Movies; Browsing the Internet; Working with iLife and iWork; Other Mac Programs; Timesaving Tips with a Mac; and Mac Networking.

Ideal for those switching to a Mac from a PC as well as for Mac users who are upgrading
Helps you set up and customize your Mac and get to know the Mac way
Explains how to get online, surf with Safari, and send and receive e-mail
Covers working with photos, music, and movies, as well as crunching numbers and creating presentations with iWork
Explores setting up a network, running Windows on a Mac via Bootcamp, and automating your Mac
Provides troubleshooting tips and advice on protecting your Mac

Macs All-in-One For Dummies, 2nd Edition gives you the full scoop on using all the cool Mac features.

Laptops For Dummies

With a generous dash of humor and fun, bestselling author Dan Gookin shows people how to select the right machine and tackle typical laptop challenges Laptop sales recently surpassed those of desktop machines–a trend that seems likely to continue A must for laptop newbies as well as road warriors who need to get the most out of their machines Covers synchronizing with the desktop, accessing the desktop remotely, coordinating e–mail pickup between two machines, wireless networking, managing power, and securing a laptop