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Kuh Ledesma – Till I Met You (Vicor 40th Anniv Coll)

Maria Socorro Ledesma (born March 16, 1955), better known as Kuh Ledesma, is a Filipino pop and jazz singer.

She has been performing for 35 years in the music industry which encompasses more than 1,000 concerts all over the world, numerous awards in the Philippines, and 20 albums in the Philippine recording industry.

Ledesma is the first Filipino singer to become a recipient of the Salem Music Awards in London in March 1989. In 1997, she released her international debut album Precious in collaboration with American and Filipino songwriters, arrangers and musicians.

Hotdog – Inspiration Everybody Needs One (Vicor 40th Anniv Coll)

Hotdog was a Filipino band formed by brothers Dennis and Rene Garcia that achieved fame in the Philippines during the mid-1970s. Their first album, Unang Kagat, was released in 1974 by Villar Records. The album led to the 1975 movie of the same name, also starring the band. The band was credited by local journalists as a major influence on and leading exponent of the Manila Sound, a musical genre popular during that period

The band reunited (without three original members del Rosario, Ilustre and Torralba) sometime in 2000 to perform various gigs. On June 17, 2014, the band held a benefit concert for the Tacloban victims of Typhoon Haiyan (Typhoon Yolanda).

Lead vocalist Rene Garcia died on September 2, 2018. Dennis Garcia died on January 18, 2020.